"A word in earnest is as good as a speech"
~Charles Dickens: Bleak House

Lessons I learned from "THE WALKING DEAD"

More fun stuff! My favorite new television show is "The Walking Dead" on AMC. The first season only had 6 episodes and I think I have them memorized. The new season starts in October, but in the meantime I will begin sharing the life lessons I have learned so far!

Update (4/28/14): The Walking Dead is up to season 4 now. It is time to update this page so I can amuse myself until season 5 starts in October!

I did begin this as a list of helpful hints I learned from the Dead to prepare for the zombie apocalypse.
 As I started watching the series from the beginning (curse you Netflix) it became more about my favorite quotes from each episode. Feel free to add ones I missed in the comments! Have fun!

Also, because the Walking Dead has some of the coolest music - I included some of that as well.

Update (5/27/14): As I was completing this INSANE project I realized something important. I could write out the entire script for the Walking Dead and a person would still have absolutely no idea what the show is about. It is the moments between the quotes, the moments of silence that tell the real story. Enjoy!
addendum: Spoilers - don't read if you are not caught up to at least season IV!

“Don't Open! Dead Inside!" (1/1)

“I ask, you answer … its common courtesy right?” Morgan (1/1)

“Don’t you get bit!” ~Morgan (1/1)

“Respect the Weapon.” ~ Morgan (1/1)

“You pull the trigger you have to mean it.” ~ Rick (1/1)

“They may not seem like much one at a time, but in a group all riled up and hungry you better watch your ass!” ~Morgan (1/1)

“Do you know what the key to scavenging is? Surviving. You know the key to surviving? Sneaking in and out, tiptoeing. Not shooting up the streets like it is the O.K. Corral” ~Morales (1/2)

“Ought to be polite to a man with a gun. Only common sense.”  ~Rick (1/2)

"Aside from they hear you; they see you, smell you and if they catch you they eat you." ~Morales (1/2)

"They smell dead, we don't. It's pretty distinct." ~Andrea (1/2)

“Next time take the safety off. It won’t shoot otherwise.” ~Rick (1/2)

“Words can be meager things. Sometimes they fall short."  ~Dale (1/3)

“Cold don’t change the rules does it? Keep our fires low, just embers, so we can’t be seen from a distance.” ~Shane (1/3)

"The world ended. Didn't you get the memo?" ~Amy (1/3)

"No crying in the boat. It scares the fish." ~Andrea (1/4)

"I guess the world changed" (T-Dog). "No, it's the same as it ever was." Guillermo (1/4)

"We don't kill the living." ~Rick (1/5)

"The line is pretty clear. No tolerance for Walkers ... or the to be." ~Daryl (1/5)

"Do not enter the city ... it belongs to the dead now." ~Rick (1/5)

"Hear what I am saying ... there is nothing left." ~Andrea (1/6)

"You don't know what its like out there. You may think you do but you don't. We'd of died out there. It was only a matter of time. There are too many of those things out there." ~Rick (1/6)

"Protein helps the hangover." ~T-Dog (1/6)

"Is that a brain (Carl)? An extraordinary one. Not that is matters in the end." ~Jenner (1/6)

"Somewhere in all that organic wiring all those ripples of light is you. The thing that makes you unique and human (Jenner). You don't make sense ever (Daryl). Those are synapses electric impulses in the brain that carry all the messages. They determine everything a person says, does, thinks from the moment of birth until the moment of death." ~Jenner (1/6)

"The world runs on fossil fuel. How stupid is that!" ~Jenner (1/6)

"We protected the public from very nasty stuff ... weaponized small pox, Ebola strains that could wipe out half the country, stuff you don't want getting out EVER!" ~Jenner (1/6)

"HIT - High Impulse Thermobaric fuel air explosives consist of a two stage aerosol ignition that produces a blast wave of significantly greater power and duration than any other known explosive except nuclear. the vacuum pressure ignites the oxygen between 5000 and 6000 degrees and is useful where the greatest loss of life and damage to structures is desired (Vi) It sets the air on fire, no pain, an end to sorrow and grief and regret, everything." ~Jenner (1/6)

"This is what takes us down. This is our extension event." ~Jenner (1/6)

"It's all about slim chances now." ~Rick (2/1)

"Atlanta's done ..."~Rick (2/1)

"Stay off the road, keep moving, keep your eyes open, I don't know ... just be safe."~Rick (2/1)

"He said two girls on the road ought to be able to defend themselves." ~Andrea (2/1)

"The radiator hose clamp is always a flathead." ~Dale (2/1)

"Shoot them! (Sophia) No! Those walkers on the road would hear it, then there wouldn't be two there would be hundreds."~ Rick (2/1)

"They don't get winded I do. ... This is how we both survive. Understand?" ~Rick (2/1)

"This is a civil emergency warning. Please do not venture outside. Remain calm.  Help is on the way. The emergency system has been activated."~Radio Broadcast (2/1)

"Huntin' in the dark's no good. We'd just be trippin' over each other; more people would get lost."~Daryl (2/1)

"We took down a walker. There was no sign it was ever anywhere near Sophia (Rick). How can you know that? (Andrea) We cut the sonnabitch open; made sure."~Daryl (2/1)

"It was my only option ... the only choice I could make."~Rick (2/1)

"Can't have people poppin' off rounds every time a tree rustles (Shane). Its not the trees I'm worried about (Andrea). Say somebody fires at the wrong moment ... a herd happens to be passin' by, see then its game over for all of us. So you need to get over it."~Shane (2/1)

"Stay quiet, stay sharp, keep space between you but always stay in sight of each other."~Rick (2/1)

"Your call ... I can't always be the bad guy."~Lori (2/1)

"If others know we're mobile they'll want to mobilize and move on (Dale). So you don't think they're going to find Sophia is that it (T-Dog). I'm just guarding against the worst. Sooner or later if she's not found people will start doing math. I want to hold off the needs of the many versus the needs of the few argument for as long as I can."~Dale (2/1)

"Hey J.C. you takin' requests?"~Daryl (2/1)

"And when Sophia ran he didn't hesitate did he? Not for a second! I don't know if any of us would have gone after her the way he did. Or made the hard decisions that he had to make. Or that anybody could have done it any differently. Anybody? Ya'll look to him and then blame him when he's not perfect. If you think you can do this without him go right ahead ... nobody is stoppin' you."~Lori (2/1)

"You can't tell me being pissed at your husband because he doesn't yell at you is even close to being rational!"~Lori (2/2)

"Rick, we're gonna do everything we can but you've got to give us some room ... now!"~Hershel (2/2)

"It's a waste of time all this hopin' and prayin'. We're gonna locate that little girl and she's gonna be just fine. Am I the only one Zen around here? Good Lord!"~Daryl (2/2)

"Wouldn't that be the way? World gone to hell. The dead risen up to eat the livin'. And Theodore Douglas gets done in by a cut on his arm."~T-Dog (2/2)

"A little girl goes missing, you look for her. Plain and simple." ~Rick (2/2)

"I'll be alright."~Otis (2/2)

"This turned into one strange day (Shane). Didn't it though."~Otis (2/2)

"Mankind has been fighting plagues from the start. We get our behinds kicked for awhile then we bounce back. it's nature's way of correcting herself, restoring some balance."~Hershel (2/2)

"You're completely in over your head aren't you" (Lori). "Ma'am, aren't we all?"~Hershel (2/2)

"I can't just sit here (Rick). That's exactly what you do! If you need to pray or cry or tell God he's cruel you go right ahead. But you're not leavin' Rick. Carl needs you here and I can't do this by myself."~Lori (2/2)

"So, do we ring the bell? It looks like people live here (Glen). We're past all that kind of stuff aren't we, having to be considerate."~T-Dog (2/3)

"It ain't the mountains of Tibet, its Georgia. People get lost - they survive - it happens all the time."~Daryl (2/3)

"Difference is Sophia's got people looking for her. I call that an advantage."~Daryl (2/3)

"It hasn't stopped happening Rick - it's like we live with a knife at our throats every second of every day. But Jackie doesn't, not anymore." ~Lori (2/3)

"Got bit. Fever hit. World gone to shit. Might as well quit (note on tree). Dumbass didn't know enough to shoot himself in the head. Turned himself into a big swinging piece of bait."~Daryl (2/3)

"You gotta eat. Its the one thing these walkers and us have in common." ~Daryl (2/3)

"I'd say Merle Dixon's Clap was the best thing that ever happened to you."~Patricia (2/3)

"Do you think God exists (Glen)? I always took it on faith. Lately I've wondered. Everything that's happened there must have been a lot of prayin' going on and it seems quite a few went unanswered."~Maggie (2/3)

"I know its not my business, but feel free to believe in God. Thing is, you gotta make it ok somehow ... no matter what happens."~Maggie (2/3)

"And I looked at Carl lookin' at that deer and that deer lookin' right back at Carl and that moment just slipped away. That's what he was talking about when he woke up. Not about getting shot, or what happened at the church. He talked about something beautiful, something living. There is still a life for us, a place, maybe like this. It isn't all death out there, it can't be. We just have to be strong enough after everything we've seen to believe that. Why is it better for Carl to live, even in this world. He talked about the deer, Lori, he talked about the deer"~Rick (2/3)

"I hate to be the one to ask but somebody's got to. What happens if we find her and she's bit. I think we all need to be clear on how we handle that (Shane). You do what has to be done (Rick). And her mother, what do you tell her (Maggie)? The truth" ~Andrea (2/4)

"It's a stupid plan. If that thing hasn't contaminated the water yet blowing its brains out will finish the job." ~Andrea(2/4)

"Rick, take a moment come look. That's something isn't it? It's good to pause for an occasional reminder (Hershel). Of what (Rick)? Whatever comes to mind. For me it's often God. No thoughts on that (Hershel)? Last time I asked God for a favor and stopped to admire a view my son got shot. I try not to mix it up with the Almighty anymore. Best we stay outta each others way." ~Rick (2/4)

"In all the chaos you found your wife and boy, then he was shot and he survived. That tells you nothing(Hershel)? It tells me God has a strange sense of humor." ~Rick (2/4)

"Don't worry about it bud, we're gonna get you outta here in one piece (Shane). Living piece ... the living part is important"~Glen (2/4)

"There's a reason the dead didn't come back and start to raid our cupboards." ~Lori (2/4)

"They say in that kind of situation things slow down, that's crap. They speed up. Adrenalin (ha ha). It'll cripple you if you let it. You need to use your instinct. Because somebody is gonna die. You better hope you're the one making that decision." ~Shane (2/4)

"Turn off the switch. The switch. The one that makes you scared or angry or sympathetic or whatever. You don't think you just, you act. Because odds are somebody else is countin' on you. It's your partner, it's your friend. Now there ain't nothin' easy 'bout takin' a man's life no matter how little value it may have. But when you get it done you have to forget it. hmmmm I guess I haven't quite got that last part down yet." ~Shane (2/4)

"You're a plain spoken man (Hershel). I'm a father he's the one thing I don't want to fail. I feel like I do everyday."~Rick (2/4)

"My father didn't bother with comforting lies he used his fists. He was a loveless violent drunk and no good to anybody. He drove me from home when I was 15, didn't lay eyes on this place again for many years. I was not at his death bed Rick, I would not grant him that, and to this day do not regret it. Some men do not earn the love of their sons. I don't see you having that problem." ~Hershel (2/4)

"Cherokee Rose. The story is that when American soldiers were moving Indians off their land,  on the Trail of Tears, the Cherokee mothers were grievin' 'n cryin' so much 'cause they were losing their little ones along the way ... exposure and disease and starvation, a lot of them just disappeared. So the elders they uh said a prayer, asked for a sign to up lift the mothers' spirits, give them strength. Hope. The next day this rose started to grow right where the mothers' tears fell. I'm not fool enough to think there's any flowers bloomin' for my brother. But I believe this one bloomed for your little girl." ~Daryl (2/4)

"So you believe in a blood sucking dog? (Rick). You mean like dead people walking around?" ~Daryl (2/5)

"And people in Hell want Slurpees." ~Daryl (2/5)

"I'll tell you what it is .... nostalgia. It's like a drug, keeps you from seeing things the way they are and that's a danger, you got people depending on you." ~Shane (2/5)

"Survival Rick. it means making hard decisions. You've got this knack man, you spread us thinner and thinner. I'm trying to save lives here and you're out savin' cats from trees (Shane). Is that what you think Sophia is, a cat in a tree (Rick)? Don't do that man, don't go twistin' my words. How many times we get called out to look for a missing child man. You got 72 hours, 72 hours and after that you're lookin' for a body. And that was before."~Shane (2/5)

"It doesn't matter man. Alive or not, Sophia, she only matters to the degree in which she don't drag the rest of us down." ~Shane (2/5)

"Shane says my good intentions are making us weaker. That I can't make the hard decisions for the good of the group (Rick). They are all hard decisions (Lori). Yah, but maybe I'm holdin' on to a way of life that doesn't make sense anymore. He says it's math, basic survival: how much fuel, how much food, how much ammo. Not much room in that equation for being soft. It's pretty simple when you start thinking of a life like that (Rick). None of us were prepared for livin' life this way. You are making the best decisions you can with the information you have. I don't see soft in that."~Lori (2/5)

"We'll keep it simple. I'll control my people. You control yours."~Hershel (2/5)

"Why don't you pull that arrow out dummy. You can bind the wound better."~Merle (2/5)

"If I had known the world was ending I would have brought better books."~Dale (2/5)

"It's like all the women are acting really weird and I read somewhere that when women spend a lot of time together their cycles line up and they all get super crazy hormonal all at the same time (Glen). I'm gonna advise you to keep that theory to yourself."~Dale (2/5)

"Jesus Glen what were you thinking (Dale)? I was thinking that I might be dead tomorrow."~Glen (2/5)

"What the hell happened? He's wearing ears (Glen)! Let's keep that to ourselves"~Rick (2/5)

"It's a wonder you people have survived this long"~Hershel (2/5)

"My son and I are not your problem anymore - or your excuse."~Lori (2/5)

"Don't be too hard on yourself - we have all wanted to shoot Daryl."~Dale (2/5)

"You need to know something. You did more for my little girl today then her own daddy ever did in his whole life (Carol). I didn't do nothing Rick & Shane wouldn't have done (Daryl). I know. You're every bit as good as them, every bit."~Carol (2/5)

"Maybe she got eaten. Everything's food for something else." ~Carl (2/6)

"I suck at lying. I can't even play poker, it's too much like lying."~Glen (2/6)

"You were trying to protect the group. We're good. But hey, shoot me again you best pray I'm dead."~Daryl (2/6)

"You're pregnant. You need vitamins, medicine, a nice pillow. Here, you can have my share (Glen). Honey I don't want your food, eat (Lori). You need to eat you're too skinny. If you're not gonna let Rick take care of you then someone has to. Lori, you have a medical condition."~Glen (2/6)

"Your old. You know things. So what if somebody told you something that somebody else shouldn't know ... (Glen). Stop being dramatic, spit it out (Dale). There's walkers in the barn & Lori's pregnant"~Glen (2/6)

"Be grateful you don't have a daughter. If only things were as simple as wanting to shoot."~Hershel (2/6)

"You're too damn emotional. You need to shut it down. Take all that guilt, take that fear, that being pissed off, take it out (Shane). Right, because you're so calm (Andrea). See, I can be pissed off. I can be whistling Dixie and I always hit the target. But you, God you shoot like a damn girl. Now you stand here, point your weapon like you point your finger. Do not think about it. I'm talking about muscle memory girl, muscle memory."~Shane (2/6)

"Memories are what keep me going now. Memories of what life used to be, and I have a deep well to draw on, I still remember joy. But I think Carl's well is already running dry. And this baby, baby won't have any good memories at all, only fear & pain (Lori). You can't think like that. We can still find joy. We can still take strength from each other (Dale). Do you really think this baby has a chance? That it can grow up and live a happy life? Look me in the eye and tell me that my baby will grow up to be your age and die happy. Tell me. Tell me you believe that."~Lori (2/6)

"Right take the blame. You know for a smart guy you're really stupid (Maggie). I'm confused because I think you just paid me a compliment but you made it sound ...(Glen). I've already lost three of the people that I care about most in this world. You're smart, you're brave, you're a leader, but you don't know it and your friends don't want to know it. They'd rather have you fetchin' peaches, dead guy in a well ... send Glen down. You're walker bait and I can't take you becomin' one of them"~Maggie (2/6)

"I know what kind of man you are (Dale). You think I'd shoot Rick? That is my best friend, that's a man that I love, I love him like he's my brother. You think that's the kind of man I am (Shane). That's right (Dale). Well maybe we ought to just think that through. Cause if I'm the kind of man that can gun down his best friend what'd you think I'd do to some guy I don't even like when he starts throwing accusations around. Man, what you think?"~Shane (2/6)

"Um guys ... so ... the barn is full of walkers."~Glen (2/7)

"Let me tell you something else man... if she was alive out there and saw you coming all methed out, with your buck knife and geek ears all around your neck she would run in the other direction."~Shane (2/7)

"Why would you waste an egg like that (Glen)? I think it was rotten."~Maggie (2/7)

"You and I have our differences, the way we look at the walkers. Those ... people ... they may be dead, they may be alive, but my people, us, we are alive, right now, right here, right in front of you. You send us out there and that could change."~Rick (2/7)

"Dale said you saw everything happen on the news. Well, it's been a long time since the cameras stopped rollin'. First time I saw a walker it was just half a body snappin' at me from the ground and my inclination wasn't to kill it. But what the world is out there isn't what you saw on TV. It is much, much worse and it changes you ... either into one of them or something a lot less than the person you were."~Rick (2/7)

"A new command I give to you. Love one another as I have loved you. That's what you told me right."~Maggie (2/7)

"Hey Shane, can I talk to you for a sec (Carl)? You ok (Shane)? Yah. I know you think Sophia is dead and we should stop looking for her. But that, that's bullshit (Carl). Hey watch your mouth (Shane). And we're gonna stay here until we find her (Carl). You think that's what we should do (Shane)? That's what I know we should do."~Carl (2/7)

"How many have you killed (Hershel)? Too many to count (Rick). Can you stop? There are people out there who haven't been in their right minds. People who I believe can be restored (Hershel). You're not talking about the walkers are you (Rick)? It doesn't matter if you see them as human beings anymore. But if you and your people are going to stay here that's how you are going to have to treat them. My farm, my barn my say."~Hershel (2/7)

"I had to tell them (Glen). You did not (Maggie)! No, I did. OK, I wanted to. You see, I forgot ok, I forgot. Or I stopped thinking about it, or maybe I didn't want to think about it. I let them lower me into that well like it was fun, like I was playing Portal, that's a video game (Glen). Of course its a video game (Maggie). And then the pharmacy happened yesterday and I realized something. I forgot that their dangerous. I don't care if they are sick people or dead people, they're dangerous. And then I realized something else, that I don't want you in danger ever. So I hate to blow your dad's big secret, but I am sick of secrets. Secrets get you killed. And I'd rather have you pissed off at me and alive, than liking me and dead. So that's why I told"~Glen (2/7)

"Man, when you really look at it in the cold light of day, man you're pretty much dead already."~Shane (2/7) 

"I may not have what it takes to last for long, but that's ok. At least I can say when the world goes to shit I didn't let it take me down with it"~Dale (2/7)

"These things ain't sick, their not people, their dead. Ain't gotta feel nothing for them cause all they do is kill. These things right here. They're the things that killed Amy, they killed Otis. Their gonna kill all of us if we do nothing. Hey Hershel man let me ask you something, can a living breathing person, can they walk away from this? That's three rounds to the chest. Someone alive, could they just take that, why is she still coming? That's its heart, its lungs, why is it still coming (Shane)? Shane, enough (Rick)! Yah, you're right man, that is enough! Enough, risking our lives for a little girl who's gone! Enough, living next to a barn full of things that are trying to kill us. Enough! Rick it ain't like it was before. Now, if ya'll want to live, if you want to survive, you have to fight for it. I'm talking about fight, right here, right now!  "~Shane (2/7)

"SHANE, don't do this brother!"~Rick (2/7)

"You had us out in those woods looking for a little girl every single one of us knew was dead! That's what you did. That makes you just a delusional as that guy."~Shane (2/8) 

"He did the right thing. Shooting her like that. I would have done it too."~Carl (2/8)

"We bury the ones we love, and burn the rest."~Andrea (2/8)

"That's not my little girl. That's some ... thing. My Sophia was alone in the woods. All this time I thought ... She didn't cry herself to sleep, she didn't go hungry, she didn't try to find her way back. Sophia died a long time ago."~Carol (2/8)

"Carl said he would have shot Sophia himself. That's your son. He's getting cold. He's growing up in a world ... he's growing up in a world where he needs a father like you; around, alive, not running off solving everybody else's problems."~Lori (2/8)

"Hey, this is a good thing. Its something we don't get enough of these days. Enjoy it."~Rick (2/8)

"Rick, I know about Lori, being pregnant. I got her those pills (Glen). I figured (Rick). I'm sorry I kept it from you (Glen). Don't be. You did what you thought was right. It just so happens it wasn't."~Rick (2/8)

"Selfish! Listen to me Olive Oil, I was out there looking for that little girl every single day! I took a bullet & an arrow in the process. Don't you tell me about not gettin' my hands dirty! You want those two idiots have a nice ride. I'm done lookin' for people."~Daryl (2/8)

"She needs her mother or rather to morn. Like she should have done weeks ago. I robbed her of that. I see that now (Hershel). You thought there was a cure. You can't blame yourself for holding out hope (Rick). Hope. When I first saw you running across my field with your little boy in your arms I had little hope he would survive (Hershel). But he did (Rick). He did. Even though we lost Otis, your man Shane made it back and we saved your boy. That was the miracle that proved to me miracles do exist. Only it was a sham a bait & switch. I was a fool Rick, and you people saw that. My daughters deserve better than that."~Hershel (2/8)

"Stop telling me how to care for my family, my farm. You people are like the plague! I do the Christian thing, give you shelter and you destroyed it all (Hershel)! The world was in bad shape when we met (Rick). And you take no responsibility. You're supposed to be their leader (Hershel)! Well I'm here now, aren't I (Rick)! Yes, yes, yes you are."~Hershel (2/8)

"I didn't want to believe you. You told me there was no cure. That these people were dead, not sick. I choose not to believe that. But when Shane shot Lou in the chest and she just kept coming, that's when I knew what an ass I'd been. That Anette had been dead long ago and I was feeding her rotting corpse. That's when I knew there was no hope. And when that little girl came out of the barn, the look on your face, I knew you knew it too. Right? There is no hope and you know it now like I do, don't you. There is no hope for any of us."~Hershel (2/8)

"You know what the truth is? Nothing has changed. Death is death, its always been there, whether its from a heart attack, cancer or a walker, what's the difference. You didn't think it was hopeless before did you? And now there are people back at home trying to hang on and they need us. Even if it is just to give them a reason to go on, even if we don't believe it ourselves. You know what? This isn't about what we believe anymore. Its about them."~Rick (2/8)

"Unique sense of timing my friend (Dave). His name is Hershel, he lost people today, lots of them (Rick). I'm truly sorry to hear that. To better days & new friends. And to our dead, may they be in a better place."~Dave (2/8)

"What drove you down south (Rick)? Well, I can tell you it wasn't the weather. I must have dropped 30 pounds in sweat alone down here (Dave). I wish (Tony). First it was DC - heard there was some kind of refugee camp, but the roads were so jammed we never even got close. We decided to get off the highways into the sticks and keep haulin' ass. Every group we came across had a new rumor about a way out of this thing (Dave).One guy told us there was a coast guard sent to the gulf sending fairies to the islands (Tony). The latest was a rail yard in Montgomery running trains out to the center of the country Kansas, Nebraska (Dave). Nebraska (Glen)? Low population, lots of guns (Tony). That makes sense (Glen). You ever been to Nebraska kid? There is a reason they call them flower states."~Dave (2/8)

"Ugly truth is, there is no way out of this mess. Just keep going from one pipe dream to the next hoping one of those freaks doesn't grab a hold of you when you sleep."~Dave (2/8)

"You don't know anything about us. You don't know what we've had to go through out there. Things we've had to do. I bet you've had to do some of those same things yourself, am I right? Ain't nobody's hands clean in what's left of this world. We're all the same."~Dave (2/8)

"You gotta understand we can't stay out there. You know what its like (Dave). Yah, I do, but the farm is too crowded as is. I'm sorry, you'll have to keep lookin' (Rick). Keep lookin'. Where do you suggest we do that (Dave)? I don't know. I hear Nebraska's nice"~Rick (2/8)

"Your friends drew on us. They gave us no choice. I'm sure we've all lost enough people. Done things we wish we didn't have to, but its like that now, you know that. So let's just chalk this up to what it was, wrong place, wrong ..."~Rick (2/9)

"Hey, we all know this isn't gonna end well!"~Rick (2/9)

"If you spent half your time minding your daughter's business instead of stickin' your nose in everybody else's she'd still be alive(Daryl). Go ahead (Carol). Go ahead and what? Just go, I don't want you here. You're a real piece of work lady. What, are you gonna make this about my daddy or some crap like that. You don't know jack. You're afraid. You're afraid 'cause your all alone. You got no husband, no daughter, you don't know what to do with yourself. You ain't my problem, Sophia wasn't mine! Why didn't you just keep an eye on her?"~Daryl (2/9) 

"He doesn't want Rick back. Or Hershel. With them gone he's got everything he wants & no one to tell him otherwise (Dale). Shane has done more to keep this group alive than anybody; including Rick (Andrea). You can't possibly believe that (Dale). I do."~Andrea (2/9)

"When he is we give him a canteen, take him out to the road and send him on his way (Rick)Isn't that the same as leaving him for the walkers(Andrea)? At least he'll have a fightin' chance"~Rick (2/9)

"They left him for dead! No one is looking!"~Rick (2/9)

"You know what, I'm gonna go get him some flowers & candy. Look at this folks, we're back in fantasy land (Shane)! We haven't even dealt with what you did in my barn yet! Let me make this clear once & for all, this is my farm. I wanted you gone. Rick talked me out of it. But that doesn't mean I have to like it. So do us both a favor and keep your mouth shut!"~Hershel (2/9)

"A bullet hit the wall behind me and I thought of you, losing me, hurting, & I couldn't take it so I hid to stay alive. No, you don't get it. Rick, your dad, they were counting on me & I only thought of myself."~Glen (2/9)

"You ever consider a lighter touch: abandoning the search for Sophia, taking out the walkers in the barn, lying to Lori today, those were all the right calls ... its your presentation that leaves something to be desired."~Andrea (2/9)

"These folks want to play house, pretend Rick & Hershel know what they're doin'. But let me tell you something they're bound to get us all killed (Shane). Then we have to stop that (Andrea). They won't listen. Their gonna give this kid a care package & gonna send him on his way. And you're right its gonna bring on a war or something worse & we just gotta sit here & wait for it. But you & me, we're the only ones gonna see it comin'"~Shane (2/9)

"I almost let that kid die today. I killed two people myself because of you and Carl and the baby. It was gonna be me & not them no matter what (Rick). You killed the living to protect what's yours (Lori)? That's right (Rick). Shane thinks I'm his. He thinks the baby is his. And he says you can't protect us, that your gonna get us killed. He's dangerous Rick, and he won't stop"~Lori (2/9)

"Rick, you can't just to be the good guy and expect to live, not anymore (Shane). I'm not the good guy anymore. To save Carl's life I would have done anything. Anything."~Rick (2/10)

"You & Lori, I get what happened. When I figured it out, and I figured it out pretty quickly, I wanted to break your jaw, let you choke on your teeth. But I didn't, that wasn't weakness, it took everything. That is my wife, that is my son, that is my unborn child. I will stay alive to keep them alive."~Rick (2/10)

"When it started it was just a couple of weird stories on the news. Then it was so quick. Everything, it just happened. Two weeks later I'm in the hospital and there were soldiers shootin' people in the halls, they were shootin' people man, not walkers."~Shane (2/10) 

"I didn't keep Lori & Carl alive man, they kept me alive. I want you to know I didn't look at her before that. Brother, if I could take it all back I would."~Shane (2/10)

"Men have to do certain things, you know that. And they're either gonna blame the little woman as the reason the do it or the reason they don't"~Lori (2/10)

"He's a big boy, he makes his own choices. Do you have anything to apologize for? Then tell him to man up and pull himself together."~Lori (2/10)

"You're pregnant? How could you do that (Beth)? I don't really have a choice (Lori). Do you think it will make a difference (Beth)? Of course it will."~Lori (2/10)

"I wish I could promise it will be alright in the end. I can't. But, we can make now alright. And we have to."~Lori (2/10)

"Why would you save my life just to kill me by leaving me here. One guy! One guy can't make it on his own"~Randall (2/10)

"You're gonna bring him back to where Lori sleeps? To where Carl sleeps (Shane)? He'll be locked up in the barn. Unless you bust it open"~Rick (2/10)

"The right choice is the one that keeps us alive"~Shane (2/10)

"Stop acting like you know the way ahead. Like you know the rules. There are no rules man, we're lost."~Rick (2/10)

"Are you serious? Everything falls apart & you're in my face about skipping laundry (Andrea)? It puts a burden on the rest of us, me & Carol & Patricia & Maggie, cookin' & cleanin' & carin' for Beth. And you, you don't care about anyone but yourself. You sit up on that RV working on your tan with a shotgun in your lap (Lori). I am on watch against walkers. That is what matters, not fresh mint leaves in the lemonade."~Andrea (2/10)

"You're insane (Lori). No, you are. And you're the one who is self-centered, the way you take it all for granted (Andrea). My husband is out there, for the hundredth time. My son was shot. Don't you dare tell me I take this for granted (Lori)! You don't get it do you? Your husband came back from the dead. Your son too, and now you've got a baby on the way. The rest of us have piled up our losses; Me, Carol, Beth, but you just keep on keepin' on. Playin' house, acting like the queen bee, laying down rules for everyone but yourself. Go ahead, go in there and tell that little girl that everything is gonna be ok, just like it is for you. She'll get a husband, a son, a baby ... boyfriend. She just has to look on the bright side."~Andrea (2/10)

"I can't take another funeral (Maggie). You can't avoid it!"~Beth (2/10)

"The pain doesn't go away. You just make room for it"~Andrea (2/10)

"You wanna kill me, you're gonna have to do better than a wrench."~Rick (2/10)

"Can't be that easy killin' someone. Killin' anyone. You know that. That is my wife, that is my son, that is my child. If you're gonna be with us you gotta follow my lead, you gotta trust me. Its time for you to come back"~Rick (2/10)

"You ever pick off a scab man; start real slow at first but sooner or later you just gotta rip it off."~Daryl (2/11)

"Boy there's got a gang, thirty men, heavy artillery and they ain't lookin' to make friends. They roll through here our boys are dead and our women are gonna wish they were."~Daryl (2/11)

"We have no choice, he's a threat. We have to eliminate the threat."~Rick (2/11)

"You think about your son; the message that you're givin' him. Shoot first think later!"~Dale (2/11)

"We reconvene at sunset. Then what happens, happens."~Rick (2/11)

"You really want to debate about a guy who will lead his buddies right to our door (Andrea). That's what a civil society does (Dale). Who says we're civilized anymore (Andrea)? The world we know is gone but keeping our humanity, that's a choice (Dale). I'll watch your prisoner, but not because I think you're right."~Andrea (2/11)

"Carl, quit tryin' to get yourself killed man."~Shane (2/11)

"I don't need my head shrunk. This groups broken. I'm better off fendin' for myself(Daryl). You act like you don't care (Dale). Ya, that's 'cause I don't."~Daryl (2/11)

"I didn't peg you for a desperate son-of-a-bitch."~Daryl (2/11)

"Heaven is just another lie. And if you believe it you're an idiot!"~Carl (2/11)

"I don't need you to patronize me. Everyone, either avoids me or treats me like I'm crazy. I lost my daughter, I didn't lose my mind!"~Carol (2/11)

"Don't talk ... think. It's a good rule for life."~Rick (2/11)

"You're not here to talk cattle."~Hershel (2/11)

"Killing him doesn't change that (Dale). Nope (Shane). But, it changes us."~Dale (2/11)

"But I'm tellin' you  now, man to man, you're wrong. And when this guy kills somebody I ain't gonna need to say anything, because that blood, that's gonna be on you. You're wrong about this Dale, dead wrong."~Shane (2/11)

"No man is good enough for your little girl, until one is."~Hershel (2/11)

"So the answer is to kill him to prevent a crime he may never even attempt? If we do this we're saying there is no hope. The rule of law is dead. There is no civilization."~Dale (2/11)

"This is a young man's life and it is worth more than a five minute conversation. Is this what its come to, we kill someone because we don't know what else to do with him? You saved him and now look at us, he's been tortured, he's going to be executed. How are we any better than those people we are so afraid of."~Dale (2/11)

"You once said we don't kill the living (Dale). That was before the living tried to kill us (Rick). But don't you see, if we do this, the people that we were, the world that we knew is dead. And this new world is ugly, its harsh, its survival of the fittest. And that's a world I don't want to live in."~Dale (2/11)

"You're right. This group is broken."~Dale (2/11)

"He followed us. He wanted to watch. I couldn't (Rick). Its ok. That's ok."~Lori (2/11)

"Sorry Brother."~Daryl (2/11)

"Because he wasn't afraid to say exactly what he thought, how he felt. That kind of honesty is rare, and brave."~Rick (2/12)

"He said this group was broken. The best way to honor him is to be unbreak it. To put aside our differences and come together. Stop feeling sorry for ourselves. Take control of our lives, our safety, our future. We're not broken. We're gonna prove him wrong. From now on we're gonna do it his way. That is how we honor Dale."~Rick (2/12)

"You know, Dale's death & the prisoner that's two separate things right? You wanna take Daryl as your wing-man ... that's fine."~Shane (2/12)

"I need to make sure every time I leave the farm all hell doesn't break loose (Rick). Then maybe you should stop leaving."~Andrea (2/12)

"He died dad (Carl). Yah, feels like there's a lot of that goin' around. That's why I need you, no more kids stuff. I wish you could have the childhood I had, but that's not gonna happen. People are gonna die. I'm gonna die, mom, there's no way you can ever be ready for it. I try to be, but I can't. Best we can do now is avoid it as long as we can, stay one step ahead. I wish I had something better to say, something more profound. My father was good like that. But I'm tired son, please take it."~Rick (2/12)

"If your gonna do a thing, you might as well do it right."~Daryl (2/12)

"you really believe if you walk back on that farm alone, no me, no Randall; You really believe they're gonna buy whatever bullshit story you cook up?"~Rick (2/12)

"It ain't gonna be easy, but Lori & Carl, they'll get over you. They've done it before. They're just gonna have to."~Shane (2/12)

"We tried to kill each other man. What'd you think we're gonna forget about it all, we're just gonna ride off into the sunset together (Shane)? You gonna kill me in cold blood, screw my wife, have my children, my children, call you daddy? That what you want? That life won't be worth a damn."~Rick (2/12)

"I'm a better father than you Rick. I'm better for Lori than you man. Cause I'm a better man than you Rick. Cause I can be here & I'll fight for her. But you come back here and you just destroy everything! You got a broken woman, you got a weak boy. You ain't got the first clue on how to fix it."~Shane (2/12)

"This was you! Not me! You did this to us, not me!"~Rick (2/12)

"Its my farm, I'll die here (Hershel). Alright, it's as good a night a any."~Daryl (2/13)

"Come on ... I ain't got all day."~Daryl (2/13)

"I can't profess to understand God's plan. Christ promised a resurrection of the dead. I just thought he had something a bit different in mind."~Hershel (2/13)

"We're heading East, get to the coast. We should have done that from the jump."~T-Dog (2/13) 

"We can't go back, I'm sorry, it's suicide."~T-Dog (2/13)

"You've only got one concern now, just one; keeping him alive. Nature may be throwing us a curve ball, but that law is still true."~Hershel (2/13)

"Rick, look around. There's walkers everywhere. They're migrating or something."~Glen (2/13)

"There's got to be a place. Not just where we hole up but that we fortify, hunker down, pull ourselves together, build a life for each other. I know it's out there somewhere, we just need to find it."~Rick (2/13)

"Look what happened with the farm. We fooled ourselves into thinking it was safe (Maggie). We won't make that mistake again."~Hershel (2/13)

"We're all infected (Rick). What (Daryl)? At the CDC, Jenner told me. Whatever it is, we all carry it."~Rick (2/13)

"I just wanted it over. Doggin' me every step of the way. Acting like I stole you & Carl. Like I was in the way. I just wanted it over. I wanted him dead. And I killed him. He turned. That's how I knew Jenner was right. Carl put him down."~Rick (2/13)

"Why do you need him? He's just gonna bring you down (Carol). Nah. Rick's done alright by me (Daryl). You're his henchman and I'm a burden. You deserve better (Carol). What do you want (Daryl)? A man of honor (Carol). Rick has honor."~Daryl (2/13)

"Do something (Carol)! I am doing something. I'm keeping this group together, alive. I've been doing that all along, no matter what. I didn't ask for this! I killed my best friend for you people for Christ's sake!"~Rick (2/13)

"He came after me, my hands are clean. Maybe you people are better off without me. Go ahead. I say there's a place for us but maybe its just another pipe dream; maybe I'm just foolin' myself again. Why don't you go and find out yourself, send me a postcard! Go on, there's the door if you can do better. Let's see how far you get. No takers? Fine. but let's get one thing straight, if your stayin' this isn't a democracy anymore!"~Rick (2/13)

"Hey, while the others wash their panties let's hunt. That owl didn't exactly hit the spot."~Daryl (3/1)

"He's gotten us a lot farther than I thought he would. Shane never could have done that."~Carol (3/1)

"It's pretty romantic. Want to screw around?"~Carol (3/1)

"But since it falls unto my lot that I should rise & you should not I'll gently rise & I'll softy call, goodnight & joy be with you all"~Beth (3/1)

"Weapons, food, medicine,this place could be a gold mine (Rick). We're dangerously low on ammo, we'll run out before we make a dent (Hershel). That's why we need to go in there hand-to-hand. After all we've been through we can handle it, I know it. These assholes don't stand a chance."~Rick (3/1)

"I'm doing stuff Lori. Things? Jesus, isn't that enough. I'm still here."~Rick (3/1)

"I ain't sleepin' in no cage. I'll take the perch."~Daryl (3/1)

"I won't have you dying for me. Good soldier won't leave your post. Screw you (Andrea). We'll leave in a few days (Michonne). If we stay, I'll die here."~Andrea (3/1)

"If we're all infected, so is the baby."~Lori (3/1)

"Let's say it lives and I die in childbirth (Lori). That's not going to happen (Hershel). Why not? How many women died in childbirth before modern medicine. If I come back what if I attack it, or you, or Rick or Carl. If I do, if there is any chance you put me down immediately."~Lori (3/1)

"It might have been better if I never made it off the farm (Lori). You're exhausted, frightened (Hershel). Yah, that's true. My son can't stand me. And my husband, after what I put him through (Lori). We've all been carrying that weight, all winter (Hershel). I've tried to talk to him (Lori). He'll come around (Hershel). He hates me. He is too good a man to say it, but I know. I put him & Shane at odds; and put that knife in his hands (Lori). You know who doesn't give a shit about that? This baby. Now let's make sure everything is alright."~Hershel (3/1)

"If a rescue team's what you're waitin' for, don't."~Rick (3/2)

"Today's your lucky day fellas. You've been pardoned by the state of Georgia, you're free to go!"~Daryl (3/2)

"There is no army. There's no government, no hospitals, no police. It's all gone."~Rick (3/2)

"No phones, no computers. As far as we can see at least half the populations been wiped out, probably more."~Rick (3/2)

"So what is this, like a disease (Big Tiny)? Yah, we're all infected (Rick). What do you mean infected? Like AIDS or something (Axel)? If I were to kill you, shoot an arrow in your chest, you come back as one of these things. It's gonna happen to all of us."~Daryl (3/2)

"You snatched the locks off our doors (Andrew). We'll give you new locks if that's how you want it(Rick). This is our prison, we were here first (Thomas). Locked in a broom closet? We took it and set you free. Its ours, we spilled blood."~Rick (3/2)

"Bet you got more food than you got choices. You pay we'll play. Clear out a block for you and you keep to it. Let's be clear if we see you out here anywhere near our people, if I even get a whiff of your scent, I will kill you."~Rick (3/2)

"You gotta be worried sick about delivering the baby (Carol). Look at me, do I look worried (Lori). You look disgusting (Carol). So do you."~Lori (3/2)

"I can't wait to have my own pot to piss in."~Axel (3/2)

"If he wakes up then what? He can't even walk. All we do is run."~Maggie (3/2)

"What are your options (Lori)? Kill them (Rick). Well, if that's what you think is best (Lori). You say this now...(Rick). Listen, I know that I'm a shitty wife and I'm not winnin' any mother of the year awards. But I need you to know that not for one second do I think there is malice in your heart. You're not a killer and I know that. I know that. So do whatever you gotta do to keep this group safe, and do it with a clear conscious."~Lori (3/2)

"We don't fire guns, not unless your back's up against a wall. Noise attracts them, really riles them up."~Daryl (3/2)

"Stay tight, hold formation, no matter how close the walkers get. Anyone breaks ranks we could all go down. Anyone wanders off they could be mistaken for a walker and end up with an ax to the head (Rick). And that's where you aim, these things only go down with a head shot (Daryl). Ain't gotta to tell us how to kill a man (Thomas). They ain't men. They're something else (T-Dog). Just remember, go for the brain."~Rick (3/2)

"Everything you're saying is completely sane. Wanting to use a walker for practice is a sane thing. I mean it. I'm just trying to wrap my mind around it."~Glen (3/2)

"Yah, I get it. I get it. Shit happens."~Rick (3/2)

"We ain't got no affiliation with what just happened!"~Axel (3/2)

"That's it, nice little twirl around. Holy shit, Blondie. Damn you look ... good. Now, how about a big hug for your old pal Merle!"~Merle (3/3)

"I guess this old world gets a bit smaller toward the end. Not so many of us to share the air."~Merle (3/3)

"There she sits four walls around her, roof over her head, medicine in her veins. She wants to know what I want from her. I plucked you and your mute here out of the dirt, saved your asses, how about a thank you."~Merle (3/3)

"I'll have you brought over to my place in the morning. return your weapons, extra ammo, food for the road, extra meds, keys to a vehicle if you want one. Send you on your way, no hard feelings. Welcome to Woodbury."~The Governor (3/3)

"Buzz is a nickname, Governor is a title. There's a difference."~Andrea (3/3)

"We'll get them in the morning. Can't leave them to rot. It creates an odor, makes people uneasy."~The Governor (3/3)

"Keep poking the bear you're bound to get mauled. Remember that!"~The Governor (3/3)

"Pretty impressive really, major kudos for ingenuity. Take away their arms so they can't grab you. Take away their jaws so they can't bite you. Take away their ability to eat they lose interest in doing so. They're no longer in attack mode, we can be in their presence without threat. They're docile in a sense (Milton). Lurkers (The Governor). Umm, docile. Or lurkers, whatever you like (Milton). But why keep them (The Governor)? Ahhh, repellent (Milton). Camouflage. Walk with the biters they think you're a biter. "~The Governor (3/3)

"If they're not eating why don't they starve (The Governor)? They are, starving. They just do it slower than we do (Milton). It feels as though we are trying to impost logic on the chaos."~The Governor (3/3)

"I don't want to question your judgement Governor (Milton). Sure you do, that's why I need you. That and your tea (The Governor). Well then, with all due respect letting Merle talk to those women unsupervised is a mistake. Now you've always said every tool kit needs a hammer, but do you really feel a hammer is the right tool for that job?"~Milton (3/3)

"Eight months, hard to believe you ladies lasted that long out there (The Governor). Why, because we're women (Andrea)? Because you were alone."~The Governor (3/3)

"Two against the world. That's long odds."~The Governor (3/3)

"Survival in the wild is tough sleddin'"~The Governor (3/3)

"What's your secret (Andrea). Really big walls."~The Governor (3/3)

"The real secret is what goes on within these walls. Its about getting back to who we were, who we really are not just waitin' to be saved."~The Governor (3/3)

"Compromise our safety, destroy our community. I'll die before I let that happen (The Governor). Looks like you're sitting pretty at the end of the world (Andrea). Do I strike you as the kind of man who sits pretty? You reap what you sow."~The Governor (3/3)

"Then give this a day or two. That's all I'm asking. Time to get our shit together (Andrea). My shit never stopped being together."~Michonne (3/3)

"Never waste a bullet son."~The Governor (3/3)

"Let's see what Uncle Sam brought us shall we."~The Governor (3/3)

"So, what's your real name? If it's not asking too much (Andrea)? I never tell (The Governor). Never say never (Andrea). Never."~The Governor (3/3)


"You gotta understand. We can't live in that place another minute. You follow me, all the bodies, people we knew. Blood, brains everywhere. There's ghosts."~Axel (3/4)

"Now we've all made mistakes to get in here chief. I'm not gonna pretend to be a saint. But believe me, we've paid our due. Enough that we'd rather hit the road then to go back in that shithole."~Oscar (3/4)

"Are you serious. You want them livin' in a cell next to you? They'll just be waitin' for a chance to grab our weapons. You want to go back to sleepin' with one eye open (Rick). I never stopped. Bring them into the fold. We send them off packin' we may as well execute them ourselves."~T-Dog (3/4)

"I get guys like this, hell I grew up with them. They're degenerates but they ain't psychos. I could have just as easily been in there with them then out here with you guys (Daryl). So you're with me (T-Dog). Hell no! Let them take their chances out on the road, just like we did."~Daryl (3/4)

"You'd think one soldier would drive away. Especially against something so slow (Michonne). Those men were heroes. Not the kind to leave anyone behind."~The Governor (3/4)

"Lots of bullet holes. You think biters figured out how to use weapons?"~Michonne (3/4)

"Too bad what happened to Wells (Michonne).. It is. Dr. Stevens couldn't revive him, Merle put a bullet in his brain (The Governor). No funeral (Michonne). Cremated him, quietly. These people have been through so much I figured thank God at least no one knew him (The Governor). Thank God."~Michonne (3/4)

"Man, will you just stop. Have some balls."~Oscar (3/4)

"I don't want to be planting crops in walker rotted soil."~Rick (3/4)

"How come we never hooked up (Merle)? You called me a whore, and a rug-muncher (Andrea). Got a way with words don't I. Why are you doin' this (Merle)? I'd want the same thing if it was my family out there."~Andrea (3/4)

"We got somethin' in common Blondie. We got left behind by the same people and saved by another (Merle). Have you ever thought about leaving this place (Andrea)? Never had a reason to (Merle). So, the governor is a good man (Andrea)? Let me just put it this way, I wasn't in the best of shape when he found me, he should have just kept on goin'. Yah, he's a good man."~Merle (3/4)

"You should stop (Carol)! Why, sit here and wait to die, nah-uh (T-Dog). I'll do what I have to, you're not becoming one of those things (Carol). I can't ask that (T-Dog). It's the pact remember (Carol)! It's God's plan. He'll take care of me, always has. He's gonna help me lead you out of these tombs."~T-Dog (3/4)

"We should visit Agustus. Take only the women and let them play. It will be historic (The Governor). And break decades of tradition (Merle)? Absolutely!~The Governor (3/4)

"Somebody is playin' games!"~Rick (3/4)

"Truth is, I don't know what I'm lookin' for. For the longest time it was all about survival, nothing else mattered. So much so, I don't know what matters now (Andrea). Pay off the car, work fifty hours a week, get married, buy a house. That was survival for me not long ago (The Governor). A lot has changed (Andrea). The scenery has, the landscape. But the way we think (The Governor). I better go, but thanks for the drink."~Andrea (3/4)

"If it gets tough out there you're always welcome here (The Governor). That's very kind. Thank you Governor (Andrea). Philip (The Governor). I thought you never told anybody your name (Andrea). Somebody recently told me never to say never or something like that."~The Governor (3/4)

"Carl, baby I don't want you to be scared ok. This is what I want. This is right. You take care of your daddy for me alright, and your little brother or sister. You take care of them (Lori). You don't have to do this (Carl). You are gonna be fine. You are gonna beat this world, I know you will. You are smart and you are strong and you are so brave. And I love you (Lori). I love you too mom (Carl). You gotta do what's right baby. Promise me you'll always do what's right. It's so easy to do the wrong thing in this world. So, if it feels wrong don't do it. If it feels easy don't do it. Don't let the world spoil you. You're so good. My sweet boy, the best thing I ever did. I love you, my sweet, sweet boy I love you. Maggie when this is over you're gonna have to ... you have to do it, it can't be Rick. Alright, it's alright. Goodnight love."~Lori (3/4)

"We can't just leave her here. She'll turn. No, she's my mom."~Carl (3/4)

"Daddy still loves you. You know that right?"~The Governor (3/5)

"What are we gonna feed it? Do we got anything a baby can eat (Daryl)? The good news is she looks healthy. But she needs formula and soon or she won't survive (Hershel). Nope, no way, not her. We ain't losin' nobody else. I'm goin' for a run."~Daryl (3/4)

"Beth, kid just lost his mom. His dad ain't doin' so hot (Daryl). I'll look out for him (Beth). You two get the fence. Too many pile up we got ourselves a problem. Glen, Maggie, vamanos!"~Daryl (3/5)

"The first time we gathered there was nine of us holed up in an apartment with spam and saltine crackers. Well look at us now. We've built a place we can call home. It may be held together with duct tape and string but it works. Its ours. I'll take it. So today we celebrate how far we've come, we remember those we've lost, and we raise a glass ... to us!"~The Governor (3/5)

"People with nothing to hide don't usually feel the need to say so."~Michonne (3/5)

"People follow the rules. And whether or not it's true they believe it's what keeps them alive. You turned that upside down. You've broke the rules and if I don't do anything I invite anarchy."~The Governor (3/5)

"She's all personality that one."~The Governor (3/5)

"They were family (Glen). I think I had one friend like that my whole life. You got a whole group. I'm sorry you lost them."~Oscar (3/5)

"A third of our group in one day (Glen). Cause of one asshole (Hershel). A part of me wishes we killed all the prisoners on sight (Glen). Axel & Oscar seem like good guys (Hershel). You know, when the evacuations started T-Dog drove his church van to the home of every senior he knew, just in case they needed a ride. Saved my ass a thousand times. He wasn't just a good guy he was the best."~Glen (3/5)

"It's wrong but I'd trade any number of people for one of ours any day."~Glen (3/5)

"Why would you have captive biters?"~Andrea (3/5)

"What works out there doesn't work in here. We're not barbarians."~The Governor (3/5)

"We got a good thing going here (Andrea). I thought this was temporary (Michonne). And I think we need this. I want to give this place a real shot (Andrea). I tried (Michonne). By breaking into people's houses? That is not trying, that's sabotaging."~Andrea (3/5)

"This place is not what they say it is."~Michonne (3/5)

"Hello dinner (Daryl)! I'm not puttin' that in my bag."~Maggie (3/5)

"So you want to run around out there with walkers on chains eating twigs, I mean is that right (Andrea)? We held our own (Michonne). Eight months. Eight months on the road moving place to place, scavaging, living in a meat locker. That was no life. I'm tired, I'm tired. I don't have another eight months in me, not like that."~Andrea (3/5)

"Are you comin' or not (Michonne)? Don't do this. Don't give me an ultimatum. Not after everything (Andrea). Are you comin' or not? You'd just slow me down anyway."~Michonne (3/5)

"I'm sorry things didn't work out with your friend. Weird to lose someone by their own choice. I thought those days were gone."~The Governor (3/5)

"Shhhh. She got a name yet (Daryl)? No, not yet. I was thinkin' maybe Sophia, then there's Carol too, Andrea, Amy, Jacqui, Patricia, or Lori. I don't know (Carl). You like that huh, Little Asskicker. Right, that's a good name right? Little Asskicker, you like that sweetheart?"~Daryl (3/5)

"What the hell is this (Andrea)? Well, it's a way to blow off steam (The Governor). Blow off steam? You go jogging to blow off steam. This is sick."~Andrea (3/5)

"We're reducing these things, you know, we're controlling them. Shining a light on the monster under the bed. It's fun, makes people feel better about the whole thing (The Governor). Slippery slope. You're teaching them that walkers aren't dangerous (Andrea). We're teaching them not to be afraid."~The Governor (3/5)

"Hello."~Rick (3/5)


"We're doing a riotous public service here (Merle). Go Back. The arms are a "G" the legs make an "O" and that's a back. It says go back (Garguilio). This is too good, look at this, she sent us a biter gram ya'll"~Merle (3/6)

"Now the Governor choose you cause he thought you were ready. I want you to succeed, I do. But if you keep announcing to the world that you're pissin' your pants I'm gonna have to smash your teeth in. Now how do you say your last name (Merle)? (Garguilio). Well, I'm just gonna keep calling you Neil. Alright?"~Merle (3/6)

"So what's the deal Michonne? You gonna leap outta the woods, one against four, all of us armed to the teeth and you with just your little pig sticker? No, no, no Michonne. ... Are we havin' fun yet?"~Merle (3/6)

"I can't tell you where we are, I'm sorry (Amy). What makes your place so safe (Rick)? Its just away, from them."~Amy (3/6)

"Please, you don't understand. You don't know. We're dying, we're dying here."~Rick (3/6)

"She ain't runnin' she's huntin'. So are we."~Merle (3/6)

"If it's an escape I don't think its the right one. It's brutality for fun and I think the world is brutal enough already."~Andrea (3/6)

"No attacks, no-one's been bit, no-one's died, noon'es turned, no-ones gone crazy (Jim). Yes, we want to come where you are (Rick). You could be dangerous, have you killed anyone (Jim)? Yes, people who threatened me, threatened my group (Rick). How many people have you killed (Jim)? Four. Two outsiders who tried to draw on me; one threw me to walkers; the other one, he was one of our own, he lost it (Rick). Lost what (Jim)? Who he was."~Rick (3/6)

"We're not supposed to go over the wall . What the hell was that (Haley)? That is how it's done (Andrea). I said I could do it. What is wrong with you, this isn't a game."~Andrea (3/6)

"She was sorry for the things that happened. She told me that, she planned on telling you. Take your time, whatever you need. You carried us, you didn't let us give up, you got us here (Hershel). It's not enough, it isn't safe enough (Rick). There isn't anywhere else. I know you want to get away from this, but we've run already."~Hershel (3/6)

"It was my house they were there for. And it was my mom in bed, burnt down to nothin'. That was the hard part, you know, she was just gone, erased, nothin' left of her. People said it was better that way. I don't know, it just made it seem like it wasn't real, you know (Daryl)? I shot my mom. She was out, hadn't turned yet. I ended it, it was real. Sorry about your mom (Carl). I'm sorry about yours."~Daryl (3/6)

"Get that duck (Maggie). Are you serious (Glen)? Yah, a kid growin' up in a prison needs some toys."~Maggie (3/6)

"Well I'm happy to forget a lot. And not just the bad stuff (The Governor). Even the good times (Andrea)? Yah, I want to be here, right now. Glass in my hand, leaves in the breeze, talkin' to you (The Governor). I feel special, an audience with The Governor (Andrea). Let's just go with Philip, I'm off the clock."~the Governor (3/6)

"You don't have to be ashamed about liking the fighting. Or about fighting the fight. I love it. It's not the only thing, but nowadays, it's just part of being alive, really alive. Most people don't have it, what it takes to see the whole story, being able to live with it, to use it. That's why there's a hell of a lot more of them then us."~the Governor (3/6)

"Eat, drink & be merry for tomorrow we die (the Governor). I'm not planning on dying (Andrea). Neither am I, it just happens."~the Governor (3/6)

"Oh, that's what I'm talkin' about (Oscar). What the hell you need slippers for (Daryl)? You know, end of the day, relaxin'."~Oscar (3/6)

"I loved you. I couldn't put it back together, I couldn't put it back together. I made a deal with myself, I would keep you alive, I would find a place, I would fix that. But then, I couldn't open that door, I couldn't risk it. I was gonna keep you alive, Carl, the baby and then, I thought there would be time. There was never time. I loved you, I love you. I couldn't put it back together. I should have said it."~Rick (3/6)

"You don't even know why you're here do you. I didn't mean you no harm. I lowered my gun, but you raised yours. You were an asshole out there. Just like you were on that rooftop back in Atlanta. What ya'll did, leavin' up there, people wouldn't do that to an animal."~Merle (3/7)

"The one that dropped the key, tell me where he's at. I'm sure T-Dog would like to bury the hatchet, let bygones be bygones (Merle). He didn't make it (Glen). Well I hope he went slow."~Merle (3/7)

"Don't you ever touch me again (Michonne)! You better start talkin' or your gonna have a much bigger issue than a gunshot wound (Daryl)! Find 'em yourself."~Michonne (3/7)

"There's a town, Woodbury. About 75 survivors, I think they were taken there (Michonne). A whole town (Rick)? It's run by this guy, he calls himself the Governor, pretty boy, charmin' Jim Jones type."~Michonne (3/7)

"It's just a matter of time before they come lookin'(Glen). I'll bake a cake, with pink fronting. You think they'll like that. Ain't nobody comin' (Merle). Rick is."~Glen (3/7)

"We've been on the road, not hiding in some dungeon."~Glen (3/7)

"What you did for ... (Rick). I had to (Carl)! Yah, I know. I know and I'm sorry. No one should have to go through that."~Rick (3/7) 

"If anything happens get everyone locked in the cells, keep them safe (Rick). I will (Carl). I know you will. Take care of your sister alright (Rick). Daryl's been calling her Asskicker (Carl). Asskicker? Has he now (Rick). I've been thinking what should we really call her (Carl)? What do you think (Rick)? Remember my third grade teacher Mrs. Meuller (Carl)? Of course (Rick). Her first name was Judith. Do you think that's a good name (Carl)? I think that's a fine name. Judith it is."~Rick (3/7)

"You're a pretty big snack for this fella. But you know what they say, he'll be hungry again in an hour."~Merle (3/7)

"I've been trying to determine if trace memory and human consciousness exists after the subject has transformed. But I had no baseline to work off of until now. Prostate cancer, we didn't have the resources to treat him so he volunteered to be the test subject. He's been very cooperative. He's a remarkable man."~Milton (3/7)

"There is no unconscious mind, Milton. When they turn they become monsters, that's all. Whoever they once were is gone."~Andrea (3/7)

"I'm an only child, my parents died when I was young (Milton). Weren't you with anyone when everything went down (Andrea)? I telecommuted to work."~Milton (3/7)

"Take off your shirt, or I'll bring Glen's hand in here."~The Governor (3/7)

"Do whatever you're gonna do then go to hell."~Maggie (3/7)

"I know what you did for me, for my baby while I was workin' things out. Thank you (Rick). It's what we do."~Daryl (3/7)

"I guess Lassie went home."~ Daryl (3/7)

"We may have tethered his consciousness!"~Milton (3/7)

"I know what happens if the subject comes for us, that's what you're here for!. My name is Milton Mamet please raise your right hand... I think I'd like to record my findings while they're fresh."~Milton (3/7)

"So she's lying? Because if she's lying that means a pretty sizable force just moved into our backyard. But if she's not, this group, with your brother at its core, has done something you told me couldn't be done."~The Governor (3/7)

"Your brother might be out there right now searchin' for them. Blood is blood, right? Makes me wonder where your loyalties lie."~The Governor (3/7)

"Everything alright with Milton? What happened (The Governor). Mr. Coleman died (Andrea).  And did Milton find what he was lookin' for (the Governor)? No."~Andrea (3/7)



"All these people you brought together, they're here for more than just protection. They're helping each other through this mess."~Andrea (3/8)

"Penny ... honey ... it's daddy."~the Governor (3/8)

"All this time runnin' from walkers you forget what people do. What they've always done."~Maggie (3/8)

"The prison is the perfect place to hole up. What once kept prisoners in now keeps biters out. That's smart (the Governor). You thinkin' of takin' it over, movin' Woodbury there (Merle)? People love it here because it feels like what was. Moving them to damp cells surrounded by barbed wire, no."~the Governor (3/8)

"Right now it's the blind leading the blind."~Daryl (3/8)

"This isn't about you trying to repopulate the earth (Carol). I didn't mean no offense. I've been locked up a long while and well, there weren't many women, you follow me. I mean Maggie, she's with Glen and you're a lesbian so I was just talkin' with her (Axel). I'm not a lesbian (Carol). But you got the short hair. You're not a lesbian? My my, this is interesting (Axel). No its not."~Carol (3/8)

"You want me to do house-calls, make sure everyone is tucked in?"~Andrea (3/8)

"Right now Judith is the only family I got."~Carl (3/8)

"I'm going (Carl). I can't let you go down there (Hershel). My father would go."~Carl (3/8)

"NOOO! Don't hurt her. It's me you want. There's no need for her to suffer (the Governor). She doesn't have needs (Michonne). Don't hurt my little girl, please. NOOOOO!"~the Governor (3/8)

"Sasha, back away from the door and let the man go. Look around you, this is the best we've had it in weeks. His house. We've got other things to do. We don't want any trouble."~Tyrese (3/8)

"Shouldn't we help them (Beth)? I did."~Carl (3/8)

"The fish tanks? The heads (Andrea)? I made myself look at them to prepare me for the horrors outside (the Governor). And Penny?"~Andrea (3/8)

"You need help. To get them back to the prison or to go back in there for Daryl. Either way, you need me."~Michonne (3/8)

"Past the days when we all sat huddled, scared in front of the TV during the early days of the outbreak. The fear we all felt then we felt it again tonight. I failed you. I promised to keep you safe. Hell, look at me. I should tell you we'll be ok, that we're safe. That tomorrow we'll bury our dead and endure. But I won't, cause I can't, cause I'm afraid. That's right, I'm afraid of terrorists that want what we have, want to destroy us. Worse, because one of those terrorists is one of our own. Merle, the man I counted on, man I trusted. He led them here, he let them in. It was you, lied, betrayed us all. This is one of the terrorists, Merle's own brother. What should we do with them? (kill them, kill them, kill them) You wanted your brother, now you got him."~The Governor (3/8)

"It's not up to me anymore, the people have spoken. I asked you where your loyalties lie. You said here. Well prove it. Brother against brother. Winner goes free. Fight to the death."~The Governor (3/9)

"Just follow my lead little brother. We're gettin' out of this right now!"~Merle (3/9)

"What the hell is he doing here (Glen)? He tried to kill me (Michonne). He helped us get out of there, drop it (Daryl). Right after he beat the shit out of you (Rick). Hey, we both took our licks (Merle). Jackass (Daryl). Shut up (Merle). Enough (Rick) Relax (Daryl). What are you gonna do cuff me (Merle). Get that thing out of my face (Daryl). Looks like you've gone native brother (Merle). No worse than you hangin' out with that psycho back there (Daryl). Oh yah man, he is a charmer, I gotta tell you that. Been puttin' the wood to your girlfriend Andrea big time  baby (Merle)! Andrea's in Woodbury (Glen)? Right next to the Governor (Daryl). I told you to drop that! You know Andrea? Hey, do you know Andrea (Rick)? Yup she does! Her and Blondie spent all winter cuddlin' up in the forest. My Nubian queen here had two pet walkers, no arms, cut off the jaws, kept them in chains. Kind of ironic now that I think about it."~Merle (3/9)

"It's only gettin' worse. The dead are everywhere, it's only makin' the living less like the living."~Tyrese (3/9)

"My neighbor Jerry was on of those survivalist nuts. Everybody on the block thought he was crazy. Always preparin' for the end of the world (Tyrese). Who knew (Hershel)? Jerry knew. He had a bunker under his shed in the backyard. Sasha & I stayed there until we ran out of supplies."~Tyrese (3/9)

"Must make me the first brother in history to break into prison."~Tyrese (3/9)

"So you're gonna cut Merle lose and bring the last samurai home?"~Daryl (3/9)

"We don't know who she is. Merle; Merle's blood (Daryl). No, Merle is your blood. My blood, my family is standing right here and waiting for us back at the prison (Glen). And you are part of that family. He's not."~Rick (3/9)

"Don't ask me to leave him, I already did that once (Daryl). We started something last night, you realize that (Rick). No him no me, that's all I can say. Take care of yourself. Take care of Little Asskicker, Carl. He's one tough kid."~Daryl (3/9)

"How about a little common decency. This isn't what we do (Tyrese). You're living in the past Ty, so are you. This is survival of the fittest plain in simple. In here we live, out there we die."~Allen (3/9)

"After all that effort, after all the risks we took, Daryl just takes off with Merle (Glen). He had his reasons (Rick). You keep telling yourself that Rick, doesn't change the fact that we are up to our necks in shit (Glen). You want me to turn the car around, beg him to come back, throw down the welcome mat for Merle? This is the hand we've been dealt!"~Rick (3/9)

"You guys do all the talking you want. I'm done."~Glen (3/9)

"Its all going to hell."~Milton (3/9)

"It's so quiet. It is easy to forget how loud the world used to be. I used to complain about it all the time, traffic, construction, car alarms, noise pollution ohhhh. What I wouldn't give for the sweet sound of a jumbo jet."~Carol (3/9)

"Your mom was proud of you (Carol). For what? Being mean to her (Carl)? No, you can't think about that (Carol). Its all I think about. Please be them."~Carl (3/9)

"Don't blame them for the mess that you created!"~Andrea (3/9)

"You came through, like always. Sounds like we have a new problem on our hands. Did you get a good look at him (Hershel)?  He had Daryl and Merle pitted against each other, crowd cheering for them to fight to the death. What kiind of sick mind does that (Rick)? The kind this world creates."~Hershel (3/9)

"Not exactly a chatterbox is he?"~Allen (3/9)

"We don't even have funerals anymore because the death never stops. We are never going to be the same, ever.."~Andrea (3/9)

"She wouldn't have made it if Daryl hadn't been here. He couldn't stand to lost anyone else (Beth). Sounds like him (Carol). I don't see why he had to leave, Merle sounds like a jerk (Beth). Men like Merle get into your head. Make you feel like you deserve the abuse (Carol). Even for Daryl (Beth)? I'm hardly the woman I was a year ago, but if Ed walked through that door right now, breathing, and told me to go with him, I'd like to think I'd tell him to go to hell (Carol). You would."~Beth (3/9)

"Daryl has his code, this world needs men like that."~Carol (3/9)

"Whenever Thomas went off, Oscar stood up for me, ya know. He was my friend."~Axel (3/9)

"No (Rick). Please, its like ten little Indians out there. It's just us now (Sasha). No."~Rick (3/9)

"I can't be responsible (Rick). You turn us out you are responsible (Tyrese). Rick, You've done so much for us. I appreciate that, we all do. We owe you our lives. We've done everything you asked without question. But I am telling you you're wrong on this. You've got to start giving people a chance."~Hershel (3/9)

"Why are you here? What do you want from me? I can't help you! Get out! Get out! You don't belong here get out! Please get out! Why don't you get out!"~Rick (3/9)


"I thought this place would be something else you know, something better. I wasn't up to the challenge. I screwed it up. I've done some terrible things. I'm not fit to lead these people."~The Governor (3/10)

"So, you're abdicating (Andrea). You know, I really believed if I kept her alive long enough, Milton would find it. I just need time to get myself together (The Governor). So, you want me to fill in for you?"~Andrea (3/10)

"You choose your friends at the prison I'll understand. But these people need you. I ... we need you."~The Governor (3/10)

"Patience little brother. Sooner or later a squirrel is bound to scurry across your path."~Merle (3/10)

"Is that what your new friends taught you? How to loot for booty."~Merle (3/10)

"They're all dead, it will make no difference (Merle). How can you be so sure (Daryl). Right about now he's probably hosting a house warming party where he's gonna bury what's left of your pals."~Merle (3/10)

"He had fish tanks full of heads, walkers & humans, trophies. He's comin'."~Michonne (3/10)

"We're not assassins."~Carol (3/10)

"He didn't know you were comin' last time and look what happened, you were almost killed, Daryl was captured, and you & Maggie were almost executed (Hershel). You can't stop me (Glen). Rick would never allow this (Hershel). You really think he is in any position to make that choice (Glen)? Think this through clearly. T-dog lost his life here, Lori too, the men that were here. It isn't worth any more killing. What are we waiting for if he is really on his way. We should be out of here by now (Hershel). And go where (Glen)? We lived on the road all winter (Hershel)? Back when you had two legs and we didn't have a baby crying for walkers every four hours (Glen). We can't stay here (Hershel). We can't run."~Glen (3/10)

"Leaving has never crossed my mind."~Milton (3/10)

"You startled me (Milton). Where is he (Andrea)? Where's who (Milton)? The Governor (Andrea). He's out on a run (Milton)? Is that an answer or a question (Andrea)? I'm not sure ... where he is, I mean not whether that's a question or an answer. It was an answer (Milton). A run meaning what specifically (Andrea)? Supplies would be a safe bet, we were wiped out (Milton). Miton, I want you to give me a specific answer to a specfic question. Where's the Governor (Andrea)? On a run."~Milton (3/10)

"We're wasting time. The Governor's supposedly on the way and we're stuck in here with walkers."~Hershel (3/10)

"For the last time, running is not an option."~Glen (3/10)

"What do you want me to say? You want me to say he made me get naked and stand in front of him? He came up behind me, pushed himself against me, put his hands all over me, he slammed my head down and pushed me over a table (Maggie). Did he (Glen)? Rape me? No. No, do you feel better? I had a choice, either I take off my shirt or he would take off your hand. I just listened to Merle beating the shit out of you in the other room. What could I do? Now go away. You got your answer, go away."~Maggie (3/10)

"To tell you the truth I don't even know how to use this damn thing (Axel). So you're all about the truth now (Carol)? Yes mamn I am (Axel). It's fully loaded, let's hope it stays that way (Carol). You're quite a lady."~Axel (3/10)

"You hear that (Daryl)? Yah, wild animals gettin' wild (Merle). That's a baby (Daryl). Come on, why don't you just piss in my ear and tell me it's rainin'. That there is the sound of a couple coons making love sweet love. You know what I mean."~Merle (3/10)

"Man, I went back for you! You weren't there. I didn't cut off your hand neither. You did that, way before they locked you up on that roof. Now you asked for it!"~Daryl (3/10)

"Like when we were kids, who left who then (Daryl)? Is that why I lost my hand (Merle)? You lost your hand because you're a simple minded piece of shit (Daryl)! Ya, you don't know! I didn't know he was ... (Merle). Yah you did, he did the same to you. That's why you left first (Daryl). I had to man, I would have killed him otherwise. Where are you goin' (Merle)? Back where I belong (Daryl). I can't go with you. I tried to kill that black bitch. I damn near killed the Chinese kid (Merle). He's Korean (Daryl). Whatever, it doesn't matter man, I just can't go with you (Merle). You know, I may be the one walking away, but you're the one leavin' again."~Daryl (3/10)

"With Daryl gone, and Rick wandering crazytown I'm the next in charge."~Glen (3/10)

"Glen's on the warpath. As smart as he is, he can't fill your boots. We need you now more than ever (Hershel). If your so worried about him you lead (Rick). What are you doin' out here (Hershel)? I've been ... I've got ... stuff out here, stuff."~Rick (3/10)

"I saw something. Lori, I saw Lori, I'm seeing Lori. Look, I know it's not really her. But there's got to be a reason, its got to mean something (Rick). Was it her on the phone (Hershel)? Yah, Shane too, in town (Rick). Do you see them now? You're looking for them (Hershel)? I'm waiting (Rick). For what (Hershel)? I don't know, something. There's an answer. I know it doesn't make sense, well it does, it can make sense, I mean I think in time it will make sense (Rick). Rick come in, you need rest. It's not safe out here (Hershel).  I can't."~Rick (3/10)

"I got on better on the inside. Things made more sense ya know, there were rules. Life was more simple (Axel). Didn't you miss your brother (Carol)? My brother, hell no. He had a real money problem (Axel). What kind of problem (Carol)? He didn't lend me any. One time that son of a ....."~Axel (3/10)

"We can't just sit here. GET BACK HERE! You're slippin' Rick! We've all seen it. We understand why. But now is not the time. You once said this isn't a democracy, now you have to own up to that. I put my family's life in your hands, so get your head clear and do something!"~Hershel (3/11) 

"You should stop (Carl). Stop what (Rick)? Being their leader. Let Hershel & Daryl handle things. You deserve a rest."~Carl (3/11)

"Adolescence its a twentieth century invention"~The Governor (3/11)

"Andrea, if you go to that prison, stay there."~The Governor (3/11)

"Wake up. The only way to defend ourselves is with an army."~Martinez (3/11)

"I wouldn't ask you to live with Shane after he tried to kill you (Glen). Merle has military experience, he may be erratic, but don't underestimate his loyalty to his brother."~Hershel (3/11)

"Can't put a price on anything anymore."~Merle (3/11)

"Lost more than the Good Book there for awhile, Lost my way. And if your right hand offends you, cut it off cast it from you for it is profitable that one of your members should perish ...(Hershel). And not that thy whole body be cast into hell . Matthew five, 29 & 30. Woodbury had a damn fine library one of the only things I miss about it."~Merle (3/11)

"When the Governor returns he's gonna kill me first. Michonne, my brother, then your girls, Glen, Carl, the baby, whoever else is left. He'll save Rick for last so he can watch his family & friends die ugly. That's who your dealin' with."~Merle (3/11)

"This is a tomb."~Daryl (3/11)

"He's your brother, but he's not good for you. Don't let him bring you down. After all, look how far you've come."~Carol (3/11)

"I wouldn't advocate a move like that, its just posturing."~Milton (3/11)

"She is going back to the prison and has requesting my assistance in escaping, her words, not mine (Milton). Help her (The Governor). Ok, do you really want me to do that, or is this some kind of a test?"~Milton (3/11)

"That whole huntin' you down thing. That was business, just carrying out orders (Merle). Like the Gestapo (Michonne)? Yah, exactly."~Merle (3/11)

"Welcome back. Get up."~Rick (3/11)

"I don't get it. I left Atlanta with you people and now I'm the odd man out."~Andrea (3/11)

"There is nothing yo work out. We're gonna to kill him. I don't know how or when but we will."~Rick (3/11)

"Tell you what, next time you see Philip, you tell him I'm gonna take his other eye."~Daryl (3/11)

"We've taken too much shit for too long. He wants a war, he's got one."~Glen (3/11)

"I did not realize the Messiah complex was contagious."~Michonne (3/11)

"You choose a warm bed over a friend. That's why I went back to Woodbury to exposed him for what he is; I knew that it would hurt you."~Michonne (3/11)

"We just came from there. Ran into some whack-job in a prison."~Allen (3/11)

"Whatever we gotta do to earn our keep."~Tyrese (3/11)

"Shane loved Rick (Andrea). Shane loved Lori."~Carol (3/11)

"You need to sleep with him. Give him the greatest night of his life, get him to drop his guard. Then when he's sleeping you can end this."~Carol (3/11)

"... When you built it up, you wreck it down. You burn your mansion to the ground. When there's nothing left to keep you here, when your fallin' behind in this big blue world. You got to hold on, hold on, you got hold on. Take my hand, I'm standing right here, you gotta hold on."~Beth (3/11)

"HEY ... hey, slow down, slow down, I'm beggin' you ... Please!"~Hitchhiker (3/12)

"We've got common interests. For right now we have the same problems so maybe we can work on them together."~Rick (3/12)

"I was the police here."~Rick (3/12)

"He's alive (Rick). Do we care (Michonne)? Yah."~Rick (3/12)

"Carl, watch the wire."~Rick (3/12)

"He tried to kill us and we didn't leave him for walkers, he's had a good day. He doesn't need half these guns & we do."~Michonne (3/12)

"Have you taken a look around this place, the ax, the spikes, the walls (Michonne). Do you think he's crazy (Rick). No, I think he's dangerous."~Michonne (3/12)

"We're eatin' his food now (Rick)? Mat said welcome."~Michonne (3/12)

"I'm sorry this happened to you."~Rick (3/12)

"People wearing dead people's faces."~Morgan (3/12)

"You don't clear me, you turn, you just die."~Morgan (3/12)

"Please, please kill me!"~Morgan (3/12)

"I hadn't worked up to is yet. And then I did. On the road every morning for days, for weeks, me and my boy, and then me. Just static, nothing but static and then nothing but nothing. You weren't there, you were never there (Morgan). I was (Rick). Not when I tried. I mean you said you would turn your radio everyday at dawn. You said you would turn your radio on everyday at dawn AND YOU WERE NOT THERE!"~Morgan (3/12)

"Looks like you can have your radio back 'cause looks like I finally found you . You found your wife and your son, that's what happened right? You found them. Did they, did she, your wife, did she turn?"~Morgan (3/12)

"You gave me the gun, you tried (Morgan). What did I try  Morgan, what did I try (Rick)?  You tried to get me to do it cause I was supposed to do it. I was supposed to kill her, my Jenny. Knew I was supposed to but uhhh I let it go. Let it go like there wasn't gonna be a reckoning. We was always lookin' for food you know, it always came down to food. I was checkin' out a cellar and I didn't want Dwayne down there with me and then when I came up she was standing there right in front of him and he had his gun up and he couldn't do it. So I called to him and he turned and then she was just, just on him. And I see red, I see red, everything is red, everything I see is red and I do it, finally. Finally was too late. I was supposed to, I was selfish, I was weak. You gave me the gun."~Morgan (3/12)

Your boy, is he dead (Morgan)? No (Rick). No, he will be. See cause people like you,  the good people, they always die. And the bad people do too. But the weak people, the people like me, we have inherited the earth."~Morgan (3/12)

"You came out here for common interests. We have the same enemy, the same problem and that's why you're here. That's it. This is important, I'm going to do this. And I know how I can. You can't stop me (Carl). Pssst. I can't stop you. But you can't stop me from helping you."~Michonne (3/12)

Not like this. I don't know you, I get that. But can you do something for me? Wait here (Michonne). No (Carl). No, no more bullshit! You wait here and that's how we get it done!~Michonne (3/12)

"I just thought Judith should know what her mom looked like, thank you."~Carl (3/12)

"You're takin' a lot of guns Rick. I'm just sayin' that all is a lot of guns. Why do you need the guns Rick? Cause if you got something good, that just means that there's someone who wants to take it."~Morgan (3/12)

"You know that there is a chance (Rick). I don't think you've heard a damn word that I said."~Morgan (3/12)

"You're not seein' things right but you can come back from this, I know you can. You have to, this can't be it. It can't be. You gotta be able to come back from this."~Rick (3/12)

I have to clear, that is why I didn't die today. That's the sign. I have to man, I have to. I have to clear."~Morgan (3/12)

Hey Morgan, I had to shoot you, you know I had to right. I'm 
sorry (Carl). Hey son, don't ever be sorry."~Morgan (3/12)

"I know you see things, people. I used to talk to my dead boyfriend. It happens (Michonne). You want to drive (Rick)? Yah (Michonne). Good, I see things."~Rick (3/12)

"Oh Lord Heaven's waitin' open up your door. Oh Lord Heaven's waitin" open up your door. Lead me home, lead me home. Lead me home, lead me home."~Jamie N. Commons

"We have a lot to talk about."~The Governor (3/13)

"Let's end this, save the bullets for the real threat."~Andrea (3/13)

"Who the hell are you (Daryl)? Milton Mamet (Milton). Great, he brought his butler (Daryl). I'm his adviser (Milton). What kind of advice (Daryl)? Planning, biters ... you know, I'm sorry, I don't feel like I need to explain myself to the henchman (Milton). You better watch your mouth sunshine."~Daryl (3/13)

"If you and I are gonna be out here pointing guns at each other all day do me a favor, shut your mouth."~Martinez (3/13)

"He's a wild card, but he's effective. Gets the dirty jobs done (the Governor). I thought you take responsibility (Rick)? And I thought you were a cop not a lawyer (the Governor). Either way I don't pretend to be a governor."~Rick (3/13)

"You're the town drunk who knocked over my fence and ripped, up my yard, nothin' more."~Rick (3/13)

"I brought whiskey! Ha."~the Governor (3/13)

"You know this is a joke right, ain't gonna work anything out. Sure, they'll do their little dance then tomorrow, the next day they'll give the word (Martinez). I know."~Daryl (313)

"Can I see it? Your stump, I'd like to see where the amputation was, how high above the bite (Milton). I'm not showing you my leg (Hershel). Its important data (Milton). I just met you, at least buy me a drink first."~Hershel (3/13)

"In a way this fight is a failure of leadership (the Governor). Then leave us alone (Rick). That would be an even bigger failure. You moved into our backyard, shot up Main Street. If I let that threat persist I look weak. and the whole thing crumbles (the Governor). That's your problem, your choice (Rick). Now, isn't that why we're here, choice. If we choose to destroy everything we fought for over the past year. We gonna kill everyone we know, at your prison, back at Woodbury. People we love, Rick."~The Governor (3/13)

"What happened with Maggie (Andrea)? He's a sick man (Hershel). What am I gonna do now? I can't go back there (Andrea). You're family, you belong with us. But if you join us its settled (Hershel). I know."~Andrea (3/13)

"You know, the truth is I didn't want any of this. They chose me because there was nobody else around. And they still think I'm the man that can keep them safe. They still think I know what I'm doin'."~the Governor (3/13)

"We're not movin' on (Rick). What good would that do me. Best you stay where I can keep my one good eye on you. I want Michonne. Turn her over and this all goes away."~the Governor (3/13)

Mercy killing don't make him an assassin (Merle). But you are (Michonne)? When I have to be (Merle). Then how do you explain letting me get away (Michonne)? I must have been seduced by your sterling personality."~Merle (3/13)

"You Shogun the Governor's ass I'll take care of the rest. We'll be home before you know it."~Merle (3/13)

"I don't get it, you've obviously got big plans. Be the guy that's gonna lick this thing, bring us back from the brink. So why waste your time on a two-bit vendetta? Why risk it all? You could have a statue of yourself in the town square, Governor. Killin' Michonne, it's sorta beneath you don't ya think."~Rick (3/13)

"The minute you see Michonne you open fire. Kill the others but keep her alive (the Governor). What about the deal (Milton)? Oh, they'll bring Rick, Merle's brother, maybe Glen, Merle himself. We can take care of the whole crew. The best way to avoid a slaughter (the Governor). That is a slaughter (Milton). Not at our end. We're going to have to eliminate Rick sooner or later. No way we can all live side by side."~the Governor (3/13)

"So, I met this governor. Sat with him for quite awhile (Rick). Just the two of you? Should have gone while we had the chance (Merle). He wants the prison. He wants us gone. Dead. He wants us dead , for what we did to Woodbury. We're goin' to war."~Rick (3/13)

The group is taking it as well as can be expected. Merle & Michonne are convinced we should hit first. Carol & I think we should take our chances on the road. We're in the together, so if we stay and fight, so be it."~Hershel (3/13)

"They need to be scared (Rick). They are (Hershel). Good, that's the only way they'll accept it (Rick). She saved my life, Carl's, Glen, Maggie, if she hadn't come here we never would have known they were taken. She's earned her place (Hershel). Yes she has. Are you willing to sacrifice your daughters' lives for her (Rick)? Why are you tellin' me (Hershel). Because, I'm hoping you can talk me out of it."~Rick (3/13)

"They deserved what they got, they weren't human to begin with."~Michonne (3/14)

"How does that help Woodbury (Milton)? Excuse me (the Governor)? This was suppose to be a new start, a way out. What about everything we talked about? Beating this thing, clawing our way back. Look, this business with Michonne, I understand, but the people at the prison...(Milton). What, I should move on (the Governor)? Yes (Milton). Well I will, as soon as this is over. Let me ask you something, do you still believe the biters have some spark in them of who they were(the Governor)? I think so (Milton). Then that was my daughter wasn't it (the Governor)? Whether that was Penny or not, it's done, it doesn't matter (Milton). Oh, it's all that matters."~the Governor (3/14)

"Killing the Governor doesn't save your friends."~Milton (3/14)

"I just want you keep you separate from this, keep you safe , you understand (the Governor)? Yah, I just want to help (Andrea). Well you can, tomorrow. I want you with us when we go meet Rick. If he tries anything you can talk some sense into him (the Governor). Tries anything (Andrea)? Well, you trust him, I don't (the Governor). Understood, I'll be there."~Andrea (3/14)

"You got a beef with Rick, that's fair enough, but you can't be feeding his kids to biters (Tyrese). No one is feeding anyone to biters. It's a scare tactic, a bluff. I would rather scare his people into leaving us alone than engaging in another fight. I'm trying to save lives here (the Governor). So, they're just for show (Sasha)? People are more afraid of a biter on a leash than a gun in their face, it's pretty effective."~the Governor (3/14)

"It ain't us man (Daryl). No, no it isn't (Hershel). We do this, we avoid a fight, no one else dies (Rick). Got it."~Daryl (3/15)

"I was looking for a little vacation.Best dope I ever had was in a mattress."~Merle (3/15)

"Do you even know why you do the things you do? The choices you make?"~Rick (3/15)

"You know, when we'd go out on runs he'd bash somebody's skull, slash somebody's throat and he'd say never waste a bullet. I always thought it was an excuse. You go on, give him that girl. He ain't gonna kill her you know, he's just gonna do things to her. Probably take out one of her eyes, both of them most likely. You'd let that happen for a shot. You're cold as ice officer friendly."~Merle (3/15)

"You're right, I don't know why I do the things I do. I'm a damn mystery to me."~Merle (3/15)

"We don't have to win. We just need to make getting at us more trouble than it's worth."~Michonne (3/15)

"We got any whiskey? hell, I'd even drink vodka."~Merle (3/15)

"Are you with us (Carol)? Sure (Merle). I'm not talking about occupying the same space. Are you with us (Carol)? I'm here for my brother (Merle). Well he's here for us. It's not time to do shots, it's time to pick a damn side (Carol). You ain't like you was back at the camp, a little mouse runnin' around scared of her own shadow (Merle). It wasn't my shadow, it was my husband's (Carol). Well you don't seem sacred of nothin' anymore (Merle). I'm not (Carol). You're a late bloomer (Merle). Maybe you are too."~Carol (3/15)

"Do you even possess a pair of balls little brother, are they even attached. And if they are do they belong to you? You used to call people like that sheep."~Merle (3/15) 

"You can't do things without people anymore, man."~Daryl (3/15)

Maybe these people need somebody like me to do their dirty work, the bad guy. Maybe that's how it is now huh."~Merle (3/15)

"Tho shalt not be afraid, for the terror by night. Nor for the arrow that flieth by day. Nor for the petulance that walketh in darkness. Nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday. a thousand shall fall at thy side and ten thousand at thy right hand, but it shall not come nigh thee. Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked. Surely He shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence. He shall cover thee and under his wings thou shalt trust. There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling."~Hershel (3/15)

"Huh, you know what, I figured you woulda run (Merle). I wanted my sword back before I get away (Michonne). It may go down that way, but if I were you, I wouldn't get my hopes up."~Merle (3/15)

"That's a whole lotta maybes."~Michonne (3/15)

"You gotta play the hand you're dealt. I only got one."~Merle (3/15)

"You talk about the weight of what you have to do; how you can handle it. A bad man, someone truly evil, they're light as a feather, they don't feel a thing."~Michonne (3/15)

"When you gave me this [pocket watch] I didn't fully understand what it meant. Such a simple thing. I know what it means now. I know what it takes. I wanna marry Maggie. And we don't have to have a wedding, I don't eve know if we'll last the week, but I want her to know before ... who knows (Glen). You have my blessing (Hershel). Thank you."~Glen (3/15)

"Is this your thing then, take out the trash (Michonne)? Oh, don't be so hard on yourself darlin' (Merle). The Governor, Rick, anyone who needs their piss bucket emptied and you come a runnin'."~Michonne (3/15)

"But you choose to stay on the outside. No one is gonna mourn you. Not even Daryl, he's got a new family (Michonne). You keep tryin' to get under my skin I'm gonna cut that tongue out. Your buddy is playin' you over cause he's tryin' save his own ass. You're as much on the outside as I am girl (Merle). Maybe, but once the Governor is done with me at least I won't have to live with myself."~Michonne (3/15)

"I ain't gonna beg, I ain't beggin' you!"~Merle (3/15)

"What I said last year, that first night after the farm, it can't be like that, it can't. What we do, what we're willin' to do, who we are, is not my call, it can't be. I couldn't sacrifice one of us for the greater good because we are the greater good. We're the reason we're still here, not me. This is life and death. How you live, how you die, it isn't up to me. I'm not your governor. We choose to go, we choose to stay, we stick together. We vote, we can stay and we can fight, or we can go."~Rick (3/15)

"I kept you safe, kept you fed (the Governor). As long as I looked the other way (Milton). Yah, well it can't be like that any more. Time for you to graduate."~ the Governor (3/16)

"You smell the gun powder, you see the blood, you know what that means? It means you're alive, you won. Take the hit so you don't ever forget, you kill or you die (the Governor). What would your daughter think about what you are (Milton)? She'd be afraid of me. But if I'd been like this from the start she'd be alive today."~the Governor (3/16)

"And now you're gonna die, and you're gonna turn, and you're gonna tear the flesh from her bones. In this life now you kill or you die. Or you die and you kill."~the Governor (3/16)

"He's still a kid. It's easy to forget."~Rick (3/16)

"Governor, this ain't easy to say. You're gonna have to count us out (Tyrese). This isn't our fight (Sasha). We'll fight against the biters, not other people. We'll stay here and defend the children. When you return, if you want us gone, no hard feelings (Tyrese). Thank you."~the Governor (3/16)

"Let's roll!"~the Governor (3/16)

"And shall come forth; they that have done good, unto the resurrection of life; and they that have done evil unto the resurrection of damnation."~Hershel's highlighted Bible verse (John 5:29)

"When you get free, you are going to find something very sharp and you are going to stab me in the head. That is what you are going to do. Keep trying."~Milton (3/16)

"I wanted to save everyone. Even the Governor for awhile. I had the chance to kill him (Andrea). I stopped you (Milton). No, this was before. He was asleep, I had a knife. But I tried to stop it all another way because I didn't want anyone to die (Andrea). I'm still here, I'm still alive (Milton). Yah, you are (Andrea). You have to hurry."~Milton (3/16)

"We did it, we drove them out (Rick). We should go after them (Michonne). We should finish it."~Daryl (3/16)

"Rick, I'm tellin' you, he gunned that kid down!"~Hershel (3/16)

"Was he handing it over (Rick)? I couldn't take the chance. I didn't kill the walker that killed Dale and look what happened (Carl). Son, that is not the same thing (Rick). You didn't kill Andrew and he came back and killed mom. You were in a room with the Governor and you let him go and then he killed Merle. I did what I had to do. Now go so he doesn't kill any more of us."~Carl (3/16)

"Where's the Governor (Tyrese)? He fired on everyone, he killed them all (Karen). Why are you with them (Tyrese). They saved me."~Karen (3/16)

"Us, the rest of us (Rick). Are they alive (Andrea)? Yup, they're alive (Rick). It's good you found me. No one can make it alone now (Andrea). They never could."~Daryl (3/16)

"I know how the safety works."~Andrea (3/16)

"What is this (Carl)? They're gonna join us."~Rick (3/16)

"What's up with Violet (Carl). Carl, I told you not to name them. They're not piglets anymore, they're food (Rick). I just thought, you know, until, ...ok (Carl). I don't know what's goin' on with her. Could be sick, could be nothing. Get better .... Violet."~Rick (4/1)

"Just so you know, I liked you first (Carol). Stop. Rick brought in a lot of them too (Daryl). Not recently, Give the stranger sanctuary, keeping people fed, you're going to have to live with the love."~Carol (4/1)

"About today, I don't know if we're going to be able to spare a lot of people for the run (Carol). That place is good to go, we gotta move on it (Daryl). Yah, thing is we had a pretty big build-up over night, dozens more toward tower three. It's getting as bad as last month. They don't spread out any more (Carol). More of us in here, will draw more of them out. You get enough of those damn fence clingers and they start to herd up (Daryl). Pushing against the fences again. It's manageable, but unless we get ahead of it, not for long. Sorry Pooky."~Carol (4/1)

"I don't like killin' them on the fence, I hate it. I mean when they're comin' at you out there, it's just different. You don't even think about it. When they're stacked up against the chainlink, face to face I ... I just wanted to do something different to help out."~Tyrese (4/1)

"Ok, you gonna say goodbye (Zach)? Nope (Beth). Damn romance novel."~Daryl (4/1)

"These leaves are gonna be in the shade so we won't get any good fruit from it. So, we just pinch it off here. Things break but they can still grow, these little bristles will take root and we'll have a whole new plant."~Hershel (4/1)

"Your face is losin' the war."~Michonne (4/1)

"Well well, look who's back (Daryl). Didn't find him (Michonne). Glad to see you're in once piece (Daryl). I'm thinkin' about lookin' over near Macon. It's worth a shot (Michonne). Seventy miles of walkers. Might run into a few unneighborly types. Is it?"~Daryl (4/1)

"You're growing us enough food so we won't have to do runs soon. But we do need to find you a good pair of overalls, you need to look the part, a little piece of wheat outta the corner of your mouth. Maybe a bigger ass."~Hershel (4/1)

"Wait! Please, please, please help me."~Clara (4/1)

"Could we possibly come back with you? We've been doing very badly on our own."~Clara (4/1)

"You're naming them (Carl)? Well, one of them had a nametag so we thought all of them should (Mikka). They had names when they were alive, they're dead now (Carl). No they're not, they're just different (Lizzy). What the hell are you talking about? Ok, They don't talk, they don't think, they eat people, they kill people (Carl). People kill people, they still have names (Lizzy). Have you seen what happens? Have you seen someone die like that (Carl)? Yah, I have (Lizzy). They're not people and they're not pets, don't name them."~Carl (4/1)

"Well the way you are at the prison,your being on the council, you can track, you're helping people, while still being kind of surly. Big swing here ... homicide cop (Zach). What's so funny (Daryl)? Nothing, makes perfect sense (Michonne). Actually the man is right, undercover (Daryl). Come on, really (Zach). Yup, I mean I don't like to talk about it, it's a lot of heavy shit, you know (Daryl). Dude, come on, really .... ok I'll just keep guessing I guess (Zach). Yah, you keep doin' that (Daryl). You wanna do this detective?"~Michonne (4/1)

"Now it's just Eddie & me. And I wouldn't have made it if it wasn't for him. And it isn't that he saved me over & over again, or that he showed me the things that I had to do or to be willing to do. If he wasn't still here, I couldn't be, I just, I couldn't (Clara). What were they? The things you had to be willing to do (Rick)? Eating whatever we could find, animal carcasses & rotten fruit and leaving people behind. Hiding from people who needed my help. Unlike you."~Clara (4/1)

"What Eddie & I had to do, did you do things like that? Do you think you get to come back from them (Clara)? I hope so (Rick). Yah. I hope we answer your three questions to your satisfaction."~Clara (4/1)

"He's starving, he's slowing, he needs something alive! Please, I knew, I can't be without him so I kept him. It was wrong. I can't do things like this, and you have to do things like this. Let me be like him. Don't stop it, don't end it after. Let me be with him."~Clara (4/1)

"What were the questions, the three questions (Clara)? How many walkers have you killed (Rick)? Eddie killed them all, until ... (Clara). How many people have you killed (Rick)? Just me, just me (Clara). Why (Rick)? You don't get to come back. You don't get to get to come back, you don't ..."~Clara (4/1)

"... the children fastened their eyes on the bit of candle and watched it melt slowly and pitilessly away, saw the half inch of wick stand alone at last. Saw the feeble flame rise & fall, climb the thin tower of smoke, linger at it's top a moment and then ... Today we are talking about knives, how to use them, how to be safe with them and how they could save your lives."~Carol (4/1)

"I don't like goin' out there either."~Tyrese (4/1)

"I don't want to be afraid of being alive (Maggie). Being afraid is what's kept us alive (Glen). No, it's how we kept breathin."~Maggie (4/1)

"I don't cry anymore Daryl. I'm just glad I got to know him, you know (Beth)? Me too (Daryl). Are you ok (Beth)? I'm just tired of losing people, that's all (Daryl). I'm glad I didn't say goodbye. I hate goodbyes."~Beth (4/1)

"You tried to help her, you couldn't. No one could. Some people are too far gone. You're not, you tried to help her (Hershel). How that woman wound up, I got close to that. If I lost Carl or Judith, if I lost this place ... (Rick). Not then Rick, not even then. You came back, you're boy came back. You get to come back, you do."~Hershel (4/1)

"It used to be we all had acquaintances, people move in and out of your life, no big you'd see them down the road sometime. Now, half the people you know, that's it, they might as well be the only people left in the world."~Tyrese (4/2)

I got you under my skin. I got you deep in the heart of me."~Tyrese (4/2)

"You know we start doing that we're not gonna want to stop. Not just yet."~Karen (4/2)

"Why don't you wear your hat anymore (Michonne)? It's not a farming hat."~Carl (4/2)

"Dad, I'm sorry, I've been trying (Carl). Yah, I know, I'm proud (Rick). Dad, when can I have my gun back?"~Carl (4/2)

"Walkers in D!"~Glen (4/2)

"Lizzie & Mika, you care about them, I've seen it. They don't have anybody else. Kids on their own, they don't have a chance. Can you look out for them, like they're yours (Ryan Samuels)? Yah, I can. I will."~Carol (4/2)

No bites, no wounds. I think it just died (Rick). Horribly too. Pleurisy aspiration (Dr. S). Choked to death on his own blood. Caused those trails down his face (Hershel). I've seen them before, on a walker outside the fences (Rick). There were some on Patrick too (Daryl). They're from the internal lung pressure building up, like if you shake a soda can and pop the top. Only, imagine your eyes, ears, nose and throat are the top (Dr. S.). It's a sickness? From the walkers (Bob). No, these things happened before they were around. Could be pneumococcal, probably an aggressive flu strain (Dr. S.). ... Hell, he was just eatin' barbecue yesterday. How can somebody die in a day just from a cold (Daryl)? I had a sick pig, died quick, saw a sick boar in the woods (Rick). Pigs & birds, that's how these things spread in the past, we need to do something about those hogs (Hershel). Maybe we got lucky. Maybe these two cases are it (Dr. S.). I haven't seen anybody be lucky in a long time. Bugs like to run through close quarters, it doesn't get any closer than this." Bob (4/2)

"We should be the ones (Lizzie). No, I can't (Mika). Are you sure (Carol)? You taught us, I can do it (Lizzie). Ok, you have to do it now, you have to do it right now, because you have to do it before he turns, I'll be right here. Remember what I showed you (Carol). Lizzie, its ok, breathe, look at the flowers count one, two, three with me, one, two,  Lizzie look at the flowers, count one, two three with me (Mika). Look at the flowers Lizzie."~Carol (4/2)

"We can't just wait and see. There's children. It isn't just the illness, people die they become a threat."~Carol (4/2)

"We can use cell block A (Carol). Death row, I'm not sure that's much of an upgrade (Glen). It's clean, I call that an upgrade."~Daryl (4/2)

"You ok (Carol)? Umhum gotta be."~Daryl (4/2)

"They killed him. Why did they kill Nick (Lizzie)? You're so stupid. She's messed up. She's not weak."~Mika (4/2)

"All this time you've been takin' off, you've earned it. We wouldn't be here if it without you (Daryl). Nah, it's all of us (Rick). No, it was you first. So, you gonna help us figure this out (Daryl)? I screwed up too many times. Those calls you gotta make. I start down that road, I almost lost my boy, who he was. Whatever else this place needs, I'm here for it (Rick). Like I said, you earned it. For what it's worth, you see mistakes, I see when the shit hits you're standing there with a shovel."~Daryl (4/2)

"I was so stupid, when I fell on my ass they should have left me there (Michonne). Now that's stupid, we care about you (Beth). They could have gotten hurt (Michonne). When you care about people, hurt is kinda part of the package."~Beth (4/2)

"All these widows & orphans but what do you call someone who lost a child. You think someone would have given that a name."~Beth (4/2)

"Is someone feeding these things?"~Sasha (4/2)

"Daryl, get the truck, I know what to do."~Rick (4/2)

"I'm not asking you to lie. I'm asking you to not say anything."~Carol (4/2)

"I just sing her what I like. I figure it's better than ashes and cradles fallin' out of trees."~Beth (4/2)

"I think we should stay away from Judy for awhile. I don't like it but ...(Rick). But we have to protect her (Carl). Yes we do."~Rick (4/2)

"You a cop. You find out who did this and you bring them to me. You bring them to me! I need to say it again (Tyrese)? I know what you're feeling, I've been there, you saw me there. It's dangerous."~Rick (4/3)

"Good news, none of these cuts need stitches. I wouldn't plan on much typing the next couple of days."~Hershel (4/3)

"Everything we've been working so hard ot keep out it found its way in (Hershel). No, its always there."~Rick (4/3)

"We just lost twelve of our own, two of them were killed in cold blood, we could be facing an outbreak. (Hershel). I've done enough damage for one day (Rick). I've fallen off the wagon before (Hershel). That's what this is (Rick)? Pretty close. When it happened I didn't stand around feeling bad about it. I got back up, had responsibilities, people to keep safe."~Hershel (4/3)

"But we could be ok then (Glen)? Yah, we could be, everything could be ok (Hershel). When it's walkers, if it's people, we can do something, we can fight. But with this, I'm just diggin' graves."~Glen (4/3)

"We have to tell them, it's starting."~Dr. S. (4/3)

"But what are we gonna do to stop this (Carol)? There is no stopping it, you get it, you just have to go through it (Hershel). But it just kills you (Michonne).  The illness doesn't. They symptoms do."~Hershel (4/3).

"The veterinary college at  West Peach Tree Tech that's one place people may not have thought to raid for medication. The drugs for animals there are the same we need."~Hershel (4/3)

"I'm in (Michonne). You havn't been exposed, Daryl has. You get in a car with him ...(Hershel). He's already given me fleas (Michonne). I can lead the way, I know where everything is kept (Hershel). When we're out there, it's always the same, sooner or later we run (Daryl). I can draw you a map."~Hershel (4/3)

"Always better to be safe."~Carol (4/3)

"They were the only two who were sick. The person who did it may have been trying to stop this thing from spreading (Rick). They didn't."~Tyrese (4/3)

"Whoever it was that did this, they're not going anywhere. We'll find them (Rick). Today, right now, because I'm not feeling the urgency. All I see you doing it pumping water. In fact, what I'm pickin' up is that murder is ok in this place now (Tyrese). It is not, but we have to save lives first. We have to keep this place goin' (Rick). You worry about that. I'll worry about what's right."~Tyrese (4/3)

"What if they've already turned when I find them (Carl)? You don't fire unless you absolutely need to (Rick). But you know I might need to , right."~Carl (4/3)

"I have it."~Glen (4/3)

"Man, I want to find them too, put a bullet in them for what they did."~Daryl (4/3)

"Java Saves"~coffee cup (4/3)

"We don't get to be upset. We've all got jobs to do, that's what daddy always says."~Beth (4/3)

"You've grown a lot these past few months, there's a responsibility about you. I think it's done you good to step back (Hershel). Yah, it was alright. Can't be like that all the time."~Carl (4/3)

"So peaceful (Hershel). It was, can't be like that all the time."~Carl (4/3)

You really want me coming along (Bob)? What's that word (Daryl)? Zanamivir (Bob). Yup, we need ya."~Daryl (4/3)

"I know how you are, you care (Tyrese). Thank you (Carol). I was wondering if you could look in on Sasha for me. It would make me feel better knowing you are lookin' in on her. If you can't... (Tyrese). No, I'd be happy to (Carol). Thank you (Tyrese). Oh, what happened to Karen, I'm so sorry."~Carol (4/3)

"Elderberries, my wife used to make tea with them. They're a natural flu remedy. Caleb's too sick to help, I can. There's so many times we haven't been able to do anything to change change what was happening, what's happening to us. We wish we could, but we couldn't. This time I can, I know I can. So I have to."~Hershel (4/3)

"Listen damn it! You step outside, you risk your life. You take a drink of water, you risk your life. And nowadays you breathe, and you risk your life. Ever moment now, you don't have a choice. The only thing you can choose is what you're risking it for. Now I can make these people feel better and hang on a little bit longer. I can save lives. That's reason enough to risk mine, and you know that."~Hershel (4/3)

"We all got jobs to do (Beth). We'll deal with it right (Maggie). We don't get to get upset."~Beth (4/3)

"Piece of cake (Carol). We decided to do that tomorrow (Rick). We don't know if we get a tomorrow."~Carol (4/3)

"I know you're weren't runnin' off. The thing is, that trail went cold, you know that right? If it was any different, I'd be right out there with you."~Daryl (4/3)

"Terminus ....survive ....alive ....Terminus."~radio broadcast (4/3)

"If you weren't in here already, you'd be in here."~Hershel (4/3)

"This sucks, after everything, I'll just get taken out by a glorified cold (Glen). Don't say things like that. Don't even think things like that (Hershel). All I can do is stop saying them (Glen). No, you can do more. We got this far somehow. You can believe somehow. Now we all have jobs here, That one is yours."~Hershel (4/3)

"Is there anything you wouldn't do for the people here (Rick)? No (Carol). Carol, did you kill Karen & David (Rick)? Yes."~Carol (4/3)


"Nobody's died yet (Lizzie). Yet (Carol)? I think a lot of people are going to die. That's what always happens. It make me sad, but at least they get to come back (Lizzie). Lizzie, when they come back, they aren't ... people aren't who they were (Carol). Yah, but they're something, they're someone. I'm little now. If I don't die I'll get big. I'll be me, but I'll be different. That's how it is. We all change, we all don't get to stay the same as when we started."~Lizzie (4/4)

"You told me I was weak, I'm not, I'm strong so I'm telling you what I think,"~Lizzie (4/4)

"You are strong Lizzie, you're gonna live. You, your sister & me, we're gonna survive, I know it."~Carol (4/4)

"I'm not afraid to kill, I'm just afraid (Lizzie). You can't be (Carol). How (Lizzie)? You fight. You fight it. You don't give up. Then one day you just, change. We all change."~Carol (4/4)

"Well, it helps to keep moving (Bob). No, it doesn't."~Tyrese (4/4)

"They were drowning in their own blood, they were suffering, I made it quick.We needed the bodies gone, we needed to stop it from spreading. They were the only ones who were sick. They were a threat. I was trying to save lives. I had to try, somebody had to (Carol). Maybe."~Rick (4/4)

"Is that jasper? It's a good color, brings out your eyes."~Michonne (4/4)

"You stay in one place more than a couple hours you'll be surprised what you pick up."~Daryl (4/4)

"It's cool, we're cool (Sam). We have fruit (Ana). Yah, we got apricots, peaches. Here, catch. ... or  you know, don't."~Sam (4/4)

"We were there about a day when the skineaters showed up (Ana). Kill joys man, jackin' it up for the whole world. I thought everyone was an asshole before this all went down. Now I love people, you know, people who are alive."~Sam (4/4)

"We missed the deady in the pjs so we dove into the bathroom (Sam). Well, how long were you in there till we showed up (Rick). 'Bout two days (Ana). There was just one, you had guns (Carol). We have about 12 bullets, it usually takes us about 5 or 6 to bring one of them down (Ana). But you had knives (Carol). To what, stab them in the head (Sam)? Yah."~Carol (4/4)

"We just keep moving. We haven't been waitin' for places to go bad."~Sam (4/4)

"Skin eaters, we call them walkers. How many have you killed?"~Rick (4/4)

"I know you're pissed. You have every reason to be. But Anger makes you stupid and stupid gets you killed (Michonne). Aren't you still angry, about the Governor, what he did (Tyrese)? If he was here right now I would cut him in two because that's how it needs to be. But I'm not angry, I was (Michonne).  Then why are you still going out looking for him (Tyrese)? I don't know."~Michonne (4/4)

"The douche bags in the vines, they took themselves out, holding hands kumbaya style (Daryl). They wanted to go out together the way they lived, that makes them douche bags (Bob)? Does if they could have gotten out (Daryl). Everybody makes it until they don't. People nowadays are dominos, what they did maybe it's about not having to watch them fall (Bob). Right."~Daryl (4/4)

"We won't take any chances. We'll just look, if it's cake we'll do it, if not we'll just roll. I mean you don't look so good yourself man, are you a righty or a lefty (Sam)? We could cover more ground, sooner we'd get back (Carol). You can't carry us man, it doesn't work that way."~Sam (4/4)

"Why don't you get in there and try the engine, it's the red & the green wire. It isn't rocket science."~Daryl (4/4)

"Did you think it was right lettin' those kids come back with us (Rick)? I think it was the humane thing to do (Carol). But did you think it was right (Rick)? Look at us, digging through drawers hoping that a couple of cough drops and some disinfectant might be the difference between dying and living a couple more hours. I think if they're strong enough to help us survive this, then yah, I think you made the right call (Carol). And if they're not (Rick)? Let's hope they are."~Carol (4/4)

"Rick, I killed two people and you haven't said a word about it."~Carol (4/4)

"You can be a farmer Rick. You can't just be a farmer. You were a good leader, better than I probably gave you credit for (Carol). I never murdered two of our own (Rick). Just one (Carol). He was gonna kill me (Rick). So were they. They were gonna kill all of us (Carol). You don't know that (Rick). If you thought it would save Judith or Carol would you have done it then? Or would have just gone back to your crops and hoped it would all be ok? You don't have to like what I did Rick, I don't. Just accept it."~Carol (4/4)

"How you put his shoulder back before, how did you learn that, Hershel (Rick)? Internet. It was easier than telling an ER nurse I had fallen down the stairs a third time (Carol). I'm sorry (Rick). Don't be, I just fixed what needed fixin'."~Carol (4/4)

"She's dead Rick. Sophia, that's somebody else's slide show."~Carol (4/4)

"Every Sunday she made us these pancakes that were just God awful. Clumps of flour that weren't mixed in right and the thing was, she knew it was bad (Rick). Why'd she keep at it (Carol)? She wanted us to be the kind of family that eats pancakes on Sunday."~Rick (4/4)

"He might be fine. He really might be. But it doesn't matter because he's not here, and we have to go. It was a nice watch."~Carol (4/4)

"Just let it go Daryl. Man's mad his choice, nothin' you can do about it, just gotta let it go (Tyrese). I didn't want to hurt nobody, it's just for when it gets quiet (Bob). Take one sip before those meds get into our people I will beat your ass into the ground. You hear me?"~Daryl (4/4)

"I could have pretended that everything was gonna be fine. But I didn't. I did something, I stepped up. I had to do something (Carol). No, you didn't."~Rick (4/4)

"You're not that woman who was too scared to be alone. Not anymore. You're gonna start over, find others , people who don't know. And you're gonna survive out here. You will."~Rick (4/4)

"You were right what you said before. The trail going cold. I don't need to go out anymore (Michonne). Good."~Daryl (4/4)

"I here by declare we have spaghetti Tuesday every Wednesday. First we have to find some spaghetti."~Hershel (4/5)

"How long will that keep him alive (Glen)? As long as we're willing to do it. As long as it takes."~Hershel (4/5)

"We found some food on the run. There's a bunch of fruit leather in there. Have everybody brush their teeth after."~Rick (4/5)

"Dad, you can't keep me from it (Carl). From what (Rick)? From what always happens (Carl). Yah, maybe, but I think it's my job to try."~Rick (4/5)

"Doctors make the worse patients (Hershel). Not everyone gets to live."~Dr. S. (4/5)

"If you're not ready to lose one, you'll lose them all."~Dr. S. (4/5)

"A sad soul can kill quicker than a germ."~Hershel (4/5)

"I still think there's a plan, I still believe there's a reason (Hershel). You think it's all a test (Rick)? Life was always a test."~Hershel (4/5)

"I thought you were an idiot to come in here. I mean, I was sure you were just gonna be a dead foolish man (Sasha). I can't tell if that is a compliment (Hershel). I don't know what I'm sayin', I must have hit my head. I don't believe in magic or luck. I do the math, and I don't gamble. But I don't know if I'd be here right now if you weren't so damn stupid."~Sasha (4/5)

"Just follow me Henry, down here, away from Glen, let's go. Come on boy, Come Henry, let's go."~Lizzie (4/5)

"You shoot or you run, don't let them get close."~Rick (4/5)

"Is it over (Lizzie)? I hope so honey."~Maggie (4/5)

"Dad, everything's gonna be ok."~Carl (4/5)

"How'a Glen doin' (Tyrese)? He made it through the night, he's breathin' on his own now, Maggie & Bob are with him. He seems stable enough for me to get some air (Hershel). He's a tough sonnabitch (Daryl). He is (Hershel). You're a tough sonnabitch (Daryl). I am."~Hershel (4/5)

"I was in a town (the Governor). Were the monsters there (Tara)? No, it was safe, full of good people (the Governor). What happened (Lilly)? He just lost it (the Governor). Who (Tara)? The man in charge; barely got out alive."~the Governor (4/6)

"You look like you barely got out alive."~Tara (4/6)

"You see this? This here is a fully loaded standard issue Smith & Wesson. I'm Atlanta city police and I've got enough artillery in here to kill you everyday for the next ten years. You mess with me or my family and I swear to Christ I will put you down. Got it (Tara). Got it (the Governor). Then we're cool. Pound it!"~Tara (4/6)

"We got roni sticks for days, years probably. See that big truck out there? The Gorbelli Food truck? Ray Charles could have seen it."~Tara (4/6)

"A little help here big guy. Oh right, not you, the other big guy in the room."~Tara (4/6)

"When my girls were born, that's when I finally figured out what it meant to be a man. A real man. You protect them, keep them safe, at least try and make them stronger until they can look out for themselves. But this here, I never counted on this."~David Chambler (4/6)

"It feels good to have something to do. Nobody ever mentioned just how boring the end of the world was going to be."~Lilly (4/6)

"What happened to your eye (Megan)? It's gone (the Governor). Something happen to you or were you just born like that (Megan)? something happened."~the Governor (4/6)

"I'm a pirate (the Governor). No way (Megan)! You caught me. What really happened is I was trying to help someone. Someone I loved very much (the Governor). How were you trying to help them (Megan)? I was trying to protect them, you know, stop them from getting hurt (the Governor). But you got hurt instead (Megan)? Yup (the Governor). Did they get hurt too (Megan)? Uhh, yah,yah they did (the Governor). I'm sorry (Megan). Me too."~the Governor (4/6)

"That's a pawn. they're your soldiers (the Governor). Do they die (Megan)? Sometimes (the Governor). Do you lose if they die (Megan)? Not necessarily, you can lose a lot of soldiers but still win the game."~the Governor (4/6)

"There has  to be someplace better and you're gonna help us find it (Lilly). Lilly (the Governor). I saw the picture Brian, you had a family, I know that. And I know we're not them. But for now you're stuck with us and that's just the way it's gonna be (Lilly). I can't (the Governor). You already have."~Lilly (4/6)

"Where should we go (Tara)? No use making a place. We'll go where they let us (the Governor). Whose they (Tara)? The roads. The biters."~the Governor (4/6)

"I'm never gonna let anything happen to you (the Governor). Promise (Megan). Cross my heart (the Governor). Holy shit (Martinez)! Cross my heart."~the Governor (4/6)

"Your move pumpkin (the Governor). I'm thinking (Megan). You can't think forever. Sooner or later you gotta make a move (the Governor). You never let me win anyway (Megan). That wouldn't be winning. That's what my daddy used to say. He used to beat me at chess too. In fact he used to beat me at everything."~the Governor (4/7)

"Was your dad mean (Megan)? Sometimes (the Governor). Were you bad (Megan)? Sometimes."~the Governor (4/7)

"Should you come back with us there are two things you gotta accept. One, I'm in charge. Two, no dead weight, that goes for everyone. Contribute or be cast out. Can you live with that, Brian?"~Martinez (4/7)

"Don't get me wrong, an M-4 is great in close combat, but as a field weapon, with all that dirt & dust. No thanks. I've never really been into big guns anyway. I'm more of a Smith & Wesson gal. Less fuss, you know (Tara)? You always this full of shit (Alicia)? Yes I am."~Tara (4/7)

Was he storing those biters (Pete)? They were his wife and kid man (Martinez). No, they were biters. What about those heads (Pete)? Lawn-chair guy did the wrong thing to the wrong man (Martinez). Probably best not to think too much about it (the Governor). Better listen to one-eye Bri, Pete. I can never tell if he is winkin' or blinkin'. But you know how to regulate, don't you Bri?"~Mitch (4/7)

"End of the world don't mean shit when you got a tank."~Mitch (4/7)

"Wait, your father was a Catholic Priest (Tara)? Yup (Martinez). So the father became a daddy."~Tara (4/7)

"I say leave the past in the past."~the Governor (4/7)

"There are things you can't come back from. They become a part of who you are, either you live with them or you don't."~Martinez (4/7)

"I don't want it, I don't want it, I don't want it."~the Governor (4/7)

"Things are about to go very wrong here. Its happened to me before. I can't put you and Megan through that. I can't lose you again."~the Governor (4/7)

"Men like your brother, always doing the right this, even at the cost of their own people."~the Governor (4/7)

"I'm running things now. And I will do everything it takes to protect this camp. Now you join me; I promise you, you'll never have to worry about whether you're doing the right thing or the wrong thing, because we will do the only thing."~the Governor (4/7)

"People believe what they want to believe. Everybody loves a hero."~the Governor (4/7)

"Maybe we can find a better place, if we're willing to fight for it (the Governor). We don't need to find a better place, this is home."~Lilly (4/7)

"We're not gonna last here. The biters, there'll be a herd of them. They'll fill the pits, crawl over one another, it'll be enough to tear right through our camp. Or it'll be people. There's nothing between us and the rest of the world, nothing between us and them. We stay here, we'll die."~the Governor (4/8)

"I captured two of them. I was scouting the prison, our paths crossed so I took them (the Governor). You took them (Tara)? They're the key. They're gonna help us take that prison without firing a shot. We can have it, we don't need to kill anyone. But we need to be prepared to."~the Governor (4/8)

Killing people (Lilly)? No, killing killers (the Governor). You said they weren't all bad people (Lilly). Well, they're with bad people (the Governor). Am I?"~Lilly (4/8)

"Michonne, I want you to know, Penny, my daughter, she was dead. I know that now. I don't want to hurt you. I don't want to hurt anyone. I need the prison that's it. There are people I need to keep alive. And you two are gonna help me take it and noone needs to die (the Governor). I'm gonna kill you."~Michonne (4/8)

Governor ... (Hershel). Don't call me that."~the Governor (4/8)

"You're a good man Hershel, a better man than Rick (the Governor). Everything you said, the way you said it, you've changed. So has Rick (Hershel). The two of us will never be able to live together. Michonne and I will never be able to live together."~the Governor (4/8)

"I you understand what it's like to have a daughter, then how can you threaten to kill someone else's (Hershel)? Because they aren't mine."~the Governor (4/8)

"Think about Megan (the Governor). I am, what is she going to be in this world (Lilly)? She's gonna be alive."~the Governor (4/8)

"You know, our anniversary is coming up (Glen). It is (Maggie)? Yah, one of these days."~Glen (4/8)

"She's gonna be alright. She has a car, supplies, weapons, she's a survivor (Rick). Stop saying that like you don't mean it (Daryl)? She did it. She said it was for us. That's the how it was in her head. She wasn't sorry (Rick). You think that's her? That ain't her."~Daryl (4/8)

"Rick, come down here. We need to talk."~the Governor (4/8)

"I have a tank and I'm lettin' you walk away from here. What else is there to talk about?"~the Governor (4/8)

"we gotta do something (Carl). Your dad's got it (Daryl). They're talking. I could kill the Governor right now (Carl). From 50 yards (Daryl). I'm a good shot. I could end this right now (Carl). Or you could start somethin' else. You gotta trust him."~Daryl (4/8)

"Carol told us to be strong. To protect ourselves. They have guns. We should have guns too. We should help."~Lizzie (4/8)

"We can all live together. There's enough room for all of us (Rick). More than enough. I don't think my family would sleep well know you were under the same roof (The Governor). We'd live in different cell blocks. We'd never have to see each other until we're all ready (Rick). It could work, you know it could (Hershel). I coulda, but it can't not after Woodbury, not after Andrea (the Governor). Look I'm not saying it's gonna be easy. The fact is it'll be a hell of a lot harder than standing here shootin' at each other. But I don't think we have a choice."~Rick (4/8)

"Now, we can all live in the prison or none of us can!"~Rick (4/8)

"I fought him before. And after we took in his old friends. They've become leaders in what we have here. Now you put down your weapons, walk through those gates, you're one of us. We let go of all of it, and nobody dies. Everyone is alive right now, everyone's made it this far. We've all done the worst kind of things just to stay alive. But we can still come back, we're not too far gone. We get to come back. I know we all can change."~Rick (4/8)

"LIAR!"~the Governor (4/8)

"We gotta go Beth, we gotta go."~Daryl (4/8)

"We gotta go, it's over."~Rick (4/8)

"Don't look back Carl, just keep walkin'."~Rick (4/8)

"Hey, we're gonna be ....."~Rick (4/9)

"You keep watch! You can barely stand. I'm not gonna let you go in there alone (Carl). Excuse me (Rick)? We've done this before. I'm gonna help you clear it. You should just let me do it myself."~Carl (4/9)

"Every bullet counts. We would've needed that one later."~Rick (4/9)

"Hey asshole! Hey Shitface! Hey ...(Carl). Watch your mouth (Rick)! Are you kidding me?"~Carl (4/9)

"I tied the door shut (Carl). Don't need to take any chances (Rick). You don't think it will hold (Carl)? Carl ...(Rick). It's a strong knot, clove hitch. Shane taught me. Remember him (Carl)? Yah I remember him. I remember him everyday."~Rick (4/9)

"I never saw a gorilla drive a car before. But if you put it in a museum I'm not gonna call it art."~Michonne (4/9)

"What's the answer here (Mike)? Well what is the damn question Mike (Terry)? Why (Mike)? Ok, that's good. Now I have a question. Who's gonna open the wine."~Michonne (4/9)

"Dad, wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up!"~Carl (4/9)

"Hey you, fresh meat, right here. Come and get it! Let's go for a walk."~Carl (4/9)

"I win!"~Carl (4/9)

"I saved you. I saved you. I didn't forget while you had us playing farmer. I still know how to survive, lucky for us. I don't need you anymore. I don't need you to protect me anymore. I can take care of myself. You probably couldn't protect me anyway. You coldn't protect Judith. You couldn't protect Hershel, or Glen, or Maggie, Michonne, Daryl, or mom. You just wanted to plant vegetables. You just wanted to hide. He knew where we were and you didn't care! You just hid behind those fences and waited. They're all gone now, because of you! They counted on you. You were their leader! But now, you're nothing. I'd be fine if you died."~Carl (4/9)

"I can't. I was wrong. Just do it (Carl). Carl, don't go outside, stay safe (Rick). I'm scared. Dad, I'm scared."~Carl (4/9)

"Mike, I miss you. I missed you even when I was with you. Back at the camp, it wasn't you who did it. You were wrong. Cause I'm still here, and you could be too, and he could be. I know the answer. I know why."~Michonne (4/9)

"I found even more, but I ate it (Carl). What was it (Rick)? One hundred and twelve ounces of pudding."~Carl (4/9)

"I know we'll never get things back to the way they used to be (Rick). What (Carl)? I only clung to that for you, for Judith. Now she's ... gone. And you, you're a man Carl, you're a man. I'm sorry (Rick). You don't need to be."~Carl (4/9)

"It's for you."~Rick (4/9)

"He says we can grow crops in the fields, find pigs & chickens. Stop runnin', stop scavenging. Lori's baby is just about due. She'll need a safe place when it comes. The rest of us, we just need a safe place to be."~Beth (4/10)

"The things is I've been starting to get afraid that it's easier just to be afraid. But this morning daddy said something, if you don't have hope, what's the point of living. So I unpacked my bag and I found you. So, I'm gonna start writing in you again. And I'm gonna write this down now because you should write down wishes to make them to come true. We can live here. We can live here for the rest of our lives."~Beth (4/10)

"Wouldn't kill you to have a little faith (Beth). Faith, faith ain't done shit for us. Sure as hell didn't do nothin' for your father."~Daryl (4/10)

"I'm sorry, I know I'm not like Lizzie (Mika). Don't be sorry. You each do things your own way, but you both get it done (Tyrese). Like you and Sasha (Mika)? You're not like Sasha(Lizzie). Why not (Mika)? Because you're still here, and Sasha isn't."~Lizzie (4/10)

"Mika, look at me. You can handle this. You're tough."~Tyrese (4/10)

"You don't understand, there's a place off the tracks. It's safe. You can take the children there. Trust me please, take the tracks."~strange guy who turns into a walker (4/10)

"The walkers, the fire. You can't go back to a graveyard."~Carol (4/10)

"You can smile, you're alive, I get it (Sasha). That's not it. Tyrese could have made it Sasha (Bob). We don't know if anybody got out (Sasha). No, we do."~Bob (4/10)

"You said it, we can't split up."~Bob (4/10)

"If you're trying to make me feel sorry for you it's not working. Damn, means I let myself get shot up for nothing."~Bob (4/10)

"We should be out finding food, shelter (Sasha). Yah, why is that (Bob)? So we can live (Sasha). Then what (Bob)? What (Sasha)? Maybe we didn't survive to just keep surviving (Bob). Shit happens. Not everything has to mean something."~Sasha (4/10)

"I'm sorry, so sorry. Brian, that man, told us you were bad people. I know it's not true. I can see it's not. So what we did, what I did ... I mean I'm a piece of shit, why would you want my help (Tara)? I don't want it, I need it. I have to find Maggie (Glen). Who's Maggie (Tara)? She's my wife (Glen). You guys got separated (Tara)? I was on the bus, then I got off to help and she didn't see me (Glen). How do you know she made it (Tara)? I don't know, but Hershel, Maggie's father, was a great man. And he told me all I have to do is believe and that's what I'm gonna do. Neither one of us should be alive right now. She got out and you're gonna help me find her. Things aren't over, there not over (Glen). I want to believe that, I want to (Tara). You have to."~Glen (4/10)

"You got a damn mouth on you, you know that. What else you got?"~Abraham (4/10)
"You smiled, you were smiling (Tara). Well, I'm the luckiest guy in the world. Why don't you help me with those cars, we got some miles to go."~Abraham (4/11)

"Thank you, I heard him laughing in there, almost forgot what that sounded like. I can't be his father and his best friend, he needs you. I know that's a lot to throw at you, so if you ever feel like you need a break ...(Rick). I'm done taking breaks."~Michonne (4/11)

"So, what's the plan? This place, is it home or just a stop on the way (Michonne). Well, let's just stay here until we figure it out."~Rick (4/11)

"We need you strong. Just rest, just one more day."~Michonne (4/11)

"I'm sorry. I'm not very good at making boys your age laugh (Michonne). I was laughing ... inside (Carl). Toddlers find me funny, two, three year olds (Michonne). What do you mean toddlers (Carl)? I had a three year old. He happened to find me extremely funny."~Michonne (4/11)

"I'll answer one question at a time, one room at a time, and only after we've cleared it."~Michonne (4/11)

"Does my dad know (Carl)? I never told him. I never told anyone, until just now (Michonne). Your secret is safe with me (Carl). It's not really a secret (Michonne). It's still safe with me."~Carl (4/11)

"My dad let me name her. Maybe, maybe her and Andre are together somewhere."~Michonne (4/11)

"It seems like neither one of you has been paying close enough attention to the hell on earth we've been living in. So let me tell you how to best avoid winding up just another dead/alive prick. You find some strong, like-minded comrades and you stay stuck together like wet on water."~Abraham (4/11)

"Believe it or not, the fate of the entire damned human race may depend on it."~Abraham (4/11)

"I'm Sargent Abraham Ford. And these are my companions, Rosita Espinoza and Dr. Eugene Porter; we're on a mission to get Eugene to Washington DC. Eugene's a scientist and he knows exactly what caused this mess (Abraham). Alright, so what happened (Glen)? It's classified."~Eugene (4/11)

"It's a waste of time. Tara told us what went down and there is zero chance you will ever find your wife again alive or dead, mainly because, sorry to tell you, she's gone. No need for you to die too. Now come on get back in the truck and do something with your life. When the people we love kick it they disappear, doesn't mean you need to go out that way too (Abraham). She's alive and I'm gonna find her."~Glen (4/11)

"Son of a dick!"~Abraham (4/11)

"So you tell me how in the holy Hell could you possibly kill this truck (Abraham)? A totally amped up state and an ignorance of rapidly firing weapons."~Eugene (4/11)

"Well, what the hell else are we gonna do (Rosita)? Go to Washington, fix the whole damn world (Abraham). That way is clear, who knows what's north, we'll find another vehicle, we'll go with them until we do. Trust me, I'm smarter than you."Eugene (4/11)

"What do you think (Michonne)? Let's go. Let's go."~Rick (4/11)

"I need a drink. No, I mean a real drink, as in alcohol. I've never had one, because of my dad, but he's not exactly around anymore."~Beth (4/12)

"Enjoy your snake jerky."~Beth (4/12)

"I'm not staying in this suck-ass camp (Beth). Hey, you had your fun (Daryl). What the hell is wrong with you? Do you feel anything? Ya, you think everything is screwed, I guess that's a feeling. So you want to spend the rest of our lives staring at a fire and eating mud snakes? Screw that! We might as well do something. I can take care of myself and I'm gonna get a damn drink."~Beth (4/12)

"All I wanted to do today was lay down and cry, but we don't get to do that. So beat up on walkers if that makes you feel better. I need to do this."~Beth (4/12)

"Did you need to break the glass (Beth)? No. Did you have your drink yet (Daryl)? No. But I found this, peach schnapps. Is it good (Beth)? No."~Daryl (4/12)

"Ain't gonna have your first drink be no damn peach schnapps. Come on."~Daryl (4/12)

"My dad always said bad moonshine could make you go blind (Beth). Ain't nothin' worth seein' out there anymore anyway."~Daryl (4/12)

"So what, you're like my chaperon now (Beth)? Just drink lots of water (Daryl). Yes Mr. Dixon."~Beth (4/12)

"If we're gonna be trapped again, might as well make the best of it. Unless you're too busy chaperoning Mr. Dixon (Beth). Well, might as well make the best of it."~Daryl (4/12)

"I ain't never needed a game to get lit before."~Daryl (4/12)

"I've never been drunk and did something I regretted (Beth). I done a lot of things."~Daryl (4/12)

I never ahh, I've never eaten frozen yogurt, never had a pet pony, never got nothin' from Santa Claus, never relied on anyone for protection before. Hell, I don't think I've ever relied on anyone for anything. I never sung out in front of a big group out in public, like everything was fun, like everything was a big game. I sure a hell never cut my wrist looking for attention."~Daryl (4/12)

"What the hell you do that for, we was havin' fun (Daryl). No, you were being a jackass! If anyone found my dad (Beth). Don't, that ain't remotely the same (Daryl). Killing them is not supposed to be fun (Beth). What the hell do you want from me girl (Daryl)? I want you to stop acting like you don't give a crap about anything, like nothing we went through matters, like none of the people we lost meant anything to you. It's bullshit (Beth)! Is that what you think (Daryl)? That's what I know."~Beth (4/12)

"I know you look at me and you just see another dead girl. I'm not Michonne, I'm not Carol, I'm not Maggie. I survived and you don't get it because I'm not like you or them. But I made it, and you don't get to treat me like crap just because you're afraid."~Beth (4/12)

"I ain't afraid of nothin' (Daryl). I remember, when that little girl came out of the barn, after my mom. You were like me, and now God forbid you ever let anybody get too close (Beth). Too close huh? You know all about that, you lost two boyfriends and you can't even shed a tear. Your whole family's gone and all you can do is go out lookin' for some hooch like some dumb college bitch (Daryl)! Screw you, you don't get it (Beth). No, you don't get it. Everyone we know is dead (Daryl)! You don't know that (Beth). Might as well because you ain't ever gonna 'em again. Rick ... you ain't never gonna see Maggie again!"~Daryl (4/12)

"The Governor rode right up to our gates. Maybe if I wouldn't of stopped lookin'. Maybe cause I gave up, that's on me. And your dad, maybe if, maybe I could've done something."~Daryl (4/12)

"I get why my dad stopped drinkin' (Beth). You feelin' sick (Daryl)? Nope, I wish I could feel like this all the time. That's bad (Beth). You're lucky you're lucky you're a happy drunk."~Daryl (4/12)

"Yah, I'm a dick, when I'm drunk."~Daryl (4/12)

"You wanna know what I was before all this? I was just driftin' around with Merle, doin' whatever he said we were gonna be doin' that day. I was nobody, nothin', just some red neck asshole with an even bigger asshole for a brother."~Daryl (4/12)

"I wish I could just change (Beth). You did (Daryl). Not enough. Not like you, it's like you were made for how things are now (Beth). I'm just used to it, things being ugly, growin' up in a place like this (Daryl). But you got away from it (Beth). I didn't (Daryl). You did (Beth)! You gotta keep on reminding me sometimes (Daryl). No, you can't  depend on anybody for anything right. I'll be gone soon enough (Beth). Stop (Daryl). I will. You're gonna be the last man standin', you are. You're gonna miss me so bad when I'm gone Daryl Dixon."~Beth (4/12)

"You ain't a happy drunk at all (Daryl). Yah, I'm happy, I'm just not blind. You gotta stay who you are, not who you were. Places like this, you hafta put it away (Beth). What if you can't (Daryl)? You have to or it kills you, here (Beth). We should go inside (Daryl). We should burn it down (Beth). We're gonna need more booze."~Daryl (4/12)

"How many people you killed (Daryl)? Only one (Bob). Why (Daryl)? She asked me to."~Bob (4/13)

Doesn't matter who you are (Bob). Really (Glen)? Yah, doesn't matter."~Bob (4/13)

"The signs are all there, you just gotta know how to read 'em."~Daryl (4/13)

"I'm gettin' good at this. Pretty soon I won't need you at all (Beth). Yah, keep trackin."~Daryl (4/13)

"She's right, we've been doin' good following the plan, no need to get sloppy."~Bob (4/13)

"We don't need it. Sun comes up in the east, sets in the west, we'll keep an eye on it in between. We'll be fine."~Bob (4/13)

"Yah, this is a serious piggyback, hop up."~Daryl (4/13)

"Maybe there are people there (Beth). If there are I'll handle 'em (Daryl). There are still good people Daryl (Beth). I don't think the good ones survive."~Daryl (4/13)

"Those who arrive survive."~Bob (4/13)

"Look at this map, all these tracks from different directions leading the same way."~Maggie (4/13)

"It says sanctuary, that's just another reason to try."~Bob (4/13)

"If it sounds to good to be true ... Maybe, maybe if Glen saw one of these, maybe he felt the same way (Sasha).  He wouldn't, he'd believe, I know."~Maggie (4/13)

"We're not splitting up, that can't happen."~Bob (4/13)

"Looks like somebody ran out of dolls to dress up."~Daryl (4/13)

"Whoever did this cared, they wanted these people to get a funeral. They remembered these things were people before all this. They didn't let it change them in the end. Don't you think that's beautiful?"~Beth (4/13)

"Bob, what happened this morning, we get warnings (Sasha). We did fine (Bob). We get warnings, and the next time it's on us. Odds are Glen is dead. Odds are we will be too. That's the reality"~Sasha (4/13)

"Peanut butter & jelly, diet soda & pig's feet, that's a white trash brunch right there."~Daryl (4/13)

"Why don't you go ahead, play some more, keep singing (Daryl). I thought my singing annoued you (Beth). Well, there ain't no jukebox so ..."~Daryl (4/13)

"You've been grinning since we left the prison in one piece. If you're so happy to be alive why are we walking into the heart of darkness."~Sasha (4/13)

"Self-awareness is a beautiful thing. You should try it some time."~Bob (4/13)

"I told you to stay back (Daryl). Yah, but Daryl you said there was a dog."~Beth (4/13)

"Bad things happened because I was scared. They didn't need to, I didn't need to be afraid."~Bob (4/13)

"I am not afraid!"~Sasha (4/13)

"Then why are you here (Sasha)? 'Cause I was waiting for you. I'm not giving up, but I need your help, 'cause I can't do it by myself. And even if I catch up to Bob, we can't do it alone. And I thought that I couldn't ask you to risk your life, but I can 'cause I know what you'd be riskin' it for and it isn't just Glen. I get that you're afraid (Maggie). I am, I am afraid (Sasha). We can get there (Maggie). I know, so let's go get Bob and let's get there."~Sasha (4/13)

 "A bow man, I respect that. Now a man with a rifle, he  could have been some kind of photographer or soccer coach back in the day, but a bow man's a bow man through and through."~Joe (4/13)

"You pull that trigger, these boys are gonna drop you several times over. That what you want? Come on fella, suicide's stupid. Why hurt yourself when you can hurt other people. Name's Joe."~Joe (4/13)

"Do you think there will be kids there, at Terminus (Lizzie)? If their parents kept them safe, like Tyrese kept all you safe (Carol). I saved Tyrese. There were people shooting at him. I shot them, first a man, then a woman. I didn't mean to shoot her in the head (Lizzie). You had to, you saved Tyrese (Carol). Maybe there will be kids there, even if their parents couldn't keep them safe, maybe the kids kept their parents safe."~Lizzie (4/14)

"She was sweet. She didn't have a mean bone in her body (Carol). Is that why she isn't here now (Lizzie)? Yah (Carol). Do you miss her (Lizzie)? Everyday (Carol). Would you miss me (Lizzie)? I'm not gonna have to miss you."~Carol (4/14)

"Lizzie's tough (Tyrese). When it comes to people (Carol). What do you mean (Tyrese)? You haven't seen it? She's confused about them, the walkers, she doesn't see what they are. She thinks they're just different (Carol). Mikka the same way (Tyrese)? No, she's worse. She doesn't have a mean bone in her body."~Carol (4/14)

"I spy tress & weeds."~Lizzie (4/14)

"Sometimes we have to kill them. I know that. Sometimes we don't."~Lizzie (4/14)

"Because you're little and you're sweet and those are two things that can get you killed. You can't change how big you are (Carol). I wish I could (Mika). But you can toughen up (Carol). I don't have to be tough, I can run, I'm good at that (Mika). No! My daughter ran, and it wasn't enough. That's why I taught the kids at the prison to do more than that (Carol). I can kill walkers, I mean I've tried. I'm not like my sister, I'm not messed up, I know what they are, but I can't kill people. I can never do that."~Mika (4/14)

"What about people who try to kill you (Carol)? I don't even wish I could (Mika). People came in and killed our friends (Carol). And I feel sorry for them (Mika). Why (Carol)? Because they probably weren't like that before."~Mika (4/14)

"You have to change, everyone does now, things don't just work out (Carol). Look! My mom used to say everything works out the way it's supposed to."~Mika (4/14)

"Stop it! They aren't people (Mika). You're wrong, all of you (Lizzie). Stop it! They aren't people Lizzie, they're just dead!"~Mika (4/14)

"Lizzie, I'm sorry I yelled at you. Look at the flowers, like you're supposed to, count one, two, three, come on, we;ll count together look at the pink ones over there, one, two, three."~Mika (4/14)

"Sometimes I don't understand, but I'm trying to ma'am. I am."~Lizzie (4/14)

"She was playing with me, she wanted a friend (Lizzie)! She wanted to kill you (Carol)! I was gonna lead her away (Lizzie)! You could have died (Carol)! It's the same thing! You killed her! You killed her! It's the same thing! What if I killed you! What if I killed you! You don't understand. You don't understand. You don't understand. You didn't have to, you didn't have to. You killed her! She was my friend!"~Lizzie (4/14)

"You gotta do worse than nowadays Mika (Carol). I don't gotta (Mika). You do. Lizzie's bigger than you and in some ways she's stronger, but you're smarter and you understand these ... things. You gotta look out for her."~Carol (4/14)


"Maybe we don't need to go to Terminus. I've been thinkin' Mika's right, we can stay here, we can live here. I know Lizzie & Mika, I know Judith, I know you, I trust you and I don't know if I can get that anywhere else."~Tyrese (4/14)

"When we were giving them names we were just pretending things weren't bad. Things are bad, those things, they're bad, they are. You can't pretend anymore (Mika). I'm not pretending, you were. I know, I can hear them (Lizzie). They want to kill you (Mika). They just want me to change, make me be like them. Maybe I should change (Lizzie). Stop it (Mika)! I can make you all understand."~Lizzie (4/14)

"I know, I know what I have to do now. I know."~Lizzie (4/14)

"I don't want to hurt anyone. I don't want to be mean (Mika). You have to be sometimes, but just sometimes."~Lizzie (4/14)

"That's the deal right? People who are livin' haunted by the dead. We are who we are, and we do what we do because they're still here, in our heads, in the forest ... the whole world is haunted now and there's no gettin' out of that, not until we're dead (Tyrese). Tyrese ...maybe they're not haunting us. Maybe, maybe the're just teaching us, helping remind us who ...so that we can live with what we have to do (Carol). Hey, don't you ever be ashamed of who you are Carol. You did right by those girls. You did right by everyone."~Tyrese (4/14)

"What's the difference between beer nuts and deer nuts? Beer nuts are around $1.79 and deer nuts are just under a buck (Carol). That's good stupid, but in no way is it stupid good."~Tyrese (4/14)

"Don't worry, she'll come back, I didn't hurt her brain."~Lizzie (4/14)

"We can wait. We can wait, just give me the gun. We can wait, I swear. You and Tyrese should take Judith back, it's not safe for her (Carol). But Judith can change too. I was just about to ... (Lizzie). She can't even walk yet (Carol). Yah, you're right (Lizzie). So you two take Judith back to the house, we'll have lunch and I'll just tie Mika up, you know so she won't go anywhere (Carol). Promise that's what you'll do (Lizzie)? I promise, I'll use her shoelaces."~Carol (4/14)

"I can't sleep with her and Judith under the same roof .(Carol). You won't make it, not on your own (Tyrese). She can't be around other people (Carol). Maybe we can try and help her, talk her back somehow (Tyrese). This is how she is. It was already there, I didn't see it."~Carol (4/14)

"You're mad at me (Lizzie). I love you Lizzie and everything works out the way it's supposed to (Carol). I'm sorry, please don't be mad at me, I'm sorry (Lizzie). You just look at the flowers Lizzie, you just look at the flowers. Just look at the flowers."~Carol (4/14)

"I killed Karen & David. I had to stop the illness from breaking out, I had to stop other people from dying. It wasn't Lizzie, it wasn't a stranger Tyrese, it was me. Do what you have to do."~Carol (4/14)

"I forgive you. I'm never going to forget. It happened, you did it, you feel it, I know you do. It's a part of you now, me too. But I forgive you."~Tyrese (4/14)

"I'm well aware it sounds bananas, but lookin' at the fossil records, no one woulda known about this infection, you can not say for certain this sin't what killed off the dinosaurs. Do I believe that's what happened? No, but it's enjoyable as hell to think about an undead ankylosaurus going after diplodocus. That there is a video game worth the pre-order."~Eugene (4/15)

"A girl in love with a guy she's trying to help get to his girl. And if that were the case, closing your eyes would be just too damn tragic (Abraham). If that were the case."~Tara (4/15)

"You were in the army, I get the whole gung-ho mission is your life bullshit (Tara). Yah, you do (Abraham). Yup, so we both got our reasons, both got our missions. What do you do when the mission is over?"~Tara (4/15)


"See, the rules of the hunt don't mean jack out here. Now that rabbit you're holdin' it's claimed boy. Claimed whether you like it or not."~Len (4/15)

"Now I'll bet it's a bitch got you all messed up. Am I right? Got you walkin' 'round here like a dead man, you've lost yourself a piece of tail. Must have been a good'un. Tell me somthin', was it one of the little'uns, 'cause they don't last too long out here."~Len (4/15)

"Looks like you may be wantin' an explanation. See goin' it alone, that ain't an option now-a-days, still it is survival of the fittest. That's a paradox right there. So I laid out some rules of the road to keep things from goin' Darwin every couple of hours, keep our merry band together and stress free. All you gotta do is claim, that's how you mark your territory, your pry, your bed at night, one word, claimed (Joe). I ain't claimin' nothin'"~Daryl (4/15)

"We're stoppin' here. Tired is slow and slow is dead."~Abraham (4/15)

"I don't give a monkey's left nut!"~Abraham (4/15)

"Wow, you're an ass. She will do whatever you say because she thinks she owes you. Man up, we can stay here for a few hours (Rosita). You just care about keeping Eugene safe right? That's the only reason you want to stop? We go until sundown, I give Eugene my riot gear right here, right now, everybody wins (Glen). Except her (Rosita). You're not her mama. She says she can walk, she can walk. You got yourself a deal."~Abraham (4/15)

"We ain't good enough for ya, huh (Joe)? Some of you ain't exactly friendly (Daryl). You ain't so friendly yourself. You know you need a group out here (Joe). Maybe I don't (Daryl). No, you do, you should be with us. People don't gotta be friendly, we don't have to be nice, we don't have to be brothers in arms, just gotta follow the rules. You claim, if you steal you keel, I know that sounds a little funny but no one laughs when somethin' goes missin' and you don't lie, 'cause that's a slippery slope indeed (Joe). What happens if you break em (Daryl)? Ah, you catch a beatin', the severity of which depends on the offense and the general attitude of the day."~Joe (4/15)

"You a cat person Daryl? I am, love them since I was three years old. Vicious creatures. Anyway, I'll tell ya, and this is true: ain't nothin' sadder than an outdoor cat who thinks he's an indoor cat."~Joe (4/15)

"You hear that? That there is a long dark tunnel full or reanimated corpses."~Abraham (4/15)

"I'm sorry I hit you in the face (Glen). I'm not, I like to fight."~Abraham (4/15)

"Good luck, try not to be an ass."~Rosita (4/15)

"You are both good people. I have to say you are seriously hot Tara (Eugene). Yah, I like girls (Tara). I'm well aware of that."~Eugene (4/15)

"After all this started, after I realized I would never see my family, my friends again I was numb. All day long just numb. I'm just saying I get it."~Glen (4/15)

"When Brian told us he wanted to take over the prison I knew it sounded bad. When I found my girlfriend she was dead, my niece. My sister she was surrounded and pounced on, I saw it happen. But still, it wasn't as bad as seeing what he did to Maggie's father, because that's when I knew, that second the sword ... we wanted to scream no but it just happened. Brian said we might have to kill people, I was the first to jump in, I was just hanging on the might."~Tara (4/15)


"Please, I can not abide a reality where you are the chosen navigator over a son of the south who has successfully negotiated the travails and vagaries of journeys both real and virtual."~Eugene (4/15)

"If you're lost please just tell me. The gas in this tank is worth more than your ego."~Rosita (4/15)

"How about you apologize for the slander and we call it square (Eugene). What the hell is wrong with you (Rosita)? If Glen and Tara were still alive and there were no significant delays and they continued traveling at approximately three miles per hour and I timed it correctly in my head, they might be somewhere around here (Eugene). Those two are not the priority. The only priority is getting you to Washington (Rosita). After I save the world I still have to live with myself. I'm not leavin' them behind."~Eugene (4/15)

"Now Daryl says he didn't take your half of the rabbit, so we got a little conundrum here. Either he's lying, which is an actionable offense. Or, you didn't plant it on him like some pussy, punk-ass, cheatin', coward cop did you? Because while that wouldn't be specifically breakin' the rules, it would be disappointing."~Joe (4/15)

"Why didn't you try to stop him (Daryl). He wanted to play that out, I let him. You told the truth, he lied. You understand the rules, he doesn't."~Joe (4/15)

"He's a big fan of yours (Tara). I met Tara on the road, I couldn't have made it here without her (Glen). Thank you (Maggie). She heard what I was doing and she said she had to help me. She's just that kinda person."~Glen (4/15)

"He tells me I'm wrong, I listen. Tomorrow we go to the end of the line, then Washington."~Abraham (4/15)

"Woa, wait, what are you doing? This is the only picture I have of you (Glen). You don't need a picture of me, you never will again."~Maggie (4/15)

"I'll tell you what it is, it's a lie. There ain't no sanctuary for all. You think they're gonna welcome guys like you and me with open arms."~Joe (4/15)

"Claimed!"~Daryl (4/15)

"Hi, I'm Mary. It looks like you've been on the road awhile (Mary). We have (Maggie). Let's get you settled and we'll make you a plate. Welcome to Terminus."~Mary (4/15)

"We're close now right (Carl)? To Terminus (Rick)? Yup (Carl). We are (Rick). When we get there, are we gonna tell 'em (Carl)? Tell 'em what (Michonne)? Everything that's happened to us. All the stuff we've done. Are we gonna tell 'em the truth (Carl)? We're gonna tell them who we are (Rick). How do you say that? I mean, who are we?"~Carl (4/16)

"So, this is just a simple slip knot, tie one on both ends, tighten on end to a branch. See how the ground here is sorta like a funnel shape (Rick). It's a trail (Carl)? That's right. That's where you wanna set the noose, you hide it with leaves and put sticks all around it so any animal going by have to run this way, right into the trap."~Rick (4/16)

"I never know what time it is anymore. Ever since I gave Glen my watch it's always right now to me."~Hershel (4/16)

"Have you noticed, that's all we talk about anymore, food. I forgot what this feels like (Rick). Me too. Hopefully we'll forget again soon (Michonne). We're close, maybe another day. If folks there are taking people in they've got to be strong, they have to have a system (Rick). I wonder if the whole thing's legit (Michonne). We let people in (Rick). We did. So did the Governor (Michonne). Yah, supose that the thing isn't it, we don't get to know until we know."~Rick (4/16)

"Today's the day of reckoning sir, restitution. The balancing of the whole damn universe."~Joe (4/16)

"The thing about now-a-days is we got nothin' but time."~Joe (4/16)

"These people, you're gonna let them go, these are good people."~Daryl (4/16)

"You want blood, I get it, take it from me man, come on (Daryl). This man killed our friend. You say he's good people. See now, that right there is, is  a lie. It's a lie! teach him fellas, teach him all the way."~Joe (4/16)

"We can settle this, we're reasonable men. First, we're gonna beat Daryl to death. Then we'll have the girl, then the boy, then I'm gonna shoot you and we'll be square."~Joe (4/16)

"Oh, it's gonna be so much worse now. Come on get up. Come on let's see what you got. What the hell you gonna do now sport?"~Joe (4/16)

"He's mine."~Rick (4/16)

"We've been here two months, you've made it work. The war is over Rick (Hershel). We don't know that (Rick). I'm talking about you. I'm sayin' it and I'm sayin' this, you pulled Carl back from going out there, fine. He shot that boy (Hershel). I know (Rick). He needs his father, he needs his father to show him the way. What way are you going to show him?"~Hershel (4/16)

"Things changin' in here doesn't change things out there (Rick). No it doesn't, but we're here today, right now. This is a good place to start."~Hershel (4/16)

"I didn't know what they were."~Daryl (4/16)

"She's just gone. After that is when they found me. I mean I knew they were bad but they had codes, they were simple, stupid, but it was somethin', it was enough."~Daryl (4/16)

"I didn't know what they could do (Daryl). It's not on you Daryl. Hey, it's not on you. You being back with us here, now, that's everything. You're my brother (Rick). Hey, what you did last night, anybody would've done that (Daryl). No, not that (Rick). Somethin' happened, that ain't you (Daryl). Daryl, you saw what I did to Tyrese. It ain't all of it, but that's me. That's why I'm here now, why Carl is. I'm gonna keep him safe, that's all that matters."~Rick (4/16)

"You ok (Rick)? Yah (Michonne). I'm ok (Rick). I know (Michonne). How (Rick)? 'Cause I'm ok too."~Michonne (4/16)

"Mike & Terry, they were high when it happened, they were bit. I could have stopped it, I could have killed them, but I let them turn. I made it so they couldn't bite, couldn't scratch, I tied chains around their necks. It was insane, it was sick, felt like what I deserved, draggin' them around so I'd always know. I found out they kept me safe, they hid me, walkers didn't see me anymore. I was just another monster. That was me, I was gone for a long time. But then Andrea brought me back and your dad brought me back, you did."~Michonne (4/16)

"He told me the other day that he was proud of me, that I was a good man. I'm not. I know more now, about what he wanted and I tried but I still have these thoughts. I'm not what he thinks I am. I'm just another monster too."~Carl (4/16)

"Follow the tracks to the point where all lines meet, the map at crossings will help guide you on your journey. Sanctuary for all, community for all. Those who arrive survive, Terminus, sanctuary for all community for all."~radio broadcaster (4/16)

"Welcome to Terminus."~Gareth (4/16)

"We came here for sanctuary, that what you're here for (Gareth)? Yes (Rick). Good, you found it"~Gareth (4/16)

"I'd hate to see the other guy (Alex). You would (Rick). Did he deserve it (Alex)? Yes."~Carl (4/16)

"Just so you know, we aren't those kind of people. But we aren't stupid either. And you shouldn't be stupid enough to try anything stupid. As long as everyone is clear on that we shouldn't have any problems, just solutions."~Gareth (4/16)

"When the camps got overrun people started finding this place. I think it was instinct you know, follow a path. Some folks were headin' to the coast, others out west or up north but they all wound up here."~Alex (4/16)

"Why do you do it? Why do you let pople in (Michonne)? More people become a part of us we get stronger."~Alex (4/16)

"Where the hell you get this watch?"~Rick (4/16)

"What's there left to say. You don't trust us anymore."~Gareth (4/16)


"Ring leader, go to your left. The train car, go. You do what we say the boy goes with you. Anything else he dies and you end up in there anyway. Now the archer. Now the samurai. Stand at the door, ring leader, archer, samurai in that order (Gareth). My son (Rick)? Go kid. Ringleader, open the door and go in (Gareth). I'll go in with him (Rick). Don't make us kill him now."~Gareth (4/16)

"You're here. You're here (Rick). They're our friends. They helped save us (Maggie). Yah, now they're friends of ours."~Daryl (4/16)

"We're gonna have to get you a farmin' hat, there's a new sheriff in town (Rick). It can be like this all the time (Hershel). It's like this now, that's enough."~Rick (4/16)

"They're gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out (Rick). Find out what (Abraham)? They're screwin' with the wrong people."~Rick (4/16)

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