"A word in earnest is as good as a speech"
~Charles Dickens: Bleak House

Occupy Boston in the News

10-5-11 "Occupy protest turns on Financial District" (Boston Herald)

10-5-11 "Student Walk-Outs Planned for 'Occupy Boston' Rally" (Charlestown Patch)

10-5-11 "Who is Occupying Boston, and why?" (The Blast Magazine)

10-5-11 "Boston students protest spiraling education costs" (Boston.com)

10-5-11 "Nurses Join Occupy Wall Street Actions Today in Boston, New York, Other Cities, Support Protest Movement" (Market Watch)

10-5-11 "Boston Students Join Occupy Movement With Much to Say" (Boston.com)
10-5-11 "No 'Occupy Boston' Walkout at Tufts Wednesday" (SomervillePatch)

10-5-11 "Occupy Boston: Beyond Left and Right" (WestRoxburyPatch)

10-5-11 "Occupy Boston enters fifth full day of protesting" (Patriot Ledger)

10-5-11 "College students, nurses to join Occupy Boston protests" (Boston Globe)

10-5-11 "Civil Rights Activist Joins in Occupy Boston Protests" (WCVB Channel 5)

10-4-11 "On day 4, protesters still ponder options" (Boston.com)

10-4-11 "Two Occupy Boston protesters explain the recent protest" (NECN)

10-4-11 'Occupy Boston' protesters eye Wednesday disruption (Boston Business Journal)

10-4-11 "Thousands come together in Occupy Boston protests" (MIT The Tech)

10-4-11 "At Boston's Dewey Square, a protest of varied voices" (Boston.com)

10-3-11 "Occupy Boston takes to the streets" (WHDH Channel 7)

10-3-11 "Peaceful protests 'Occupy Boston'" (NECN)

10-3-11 "Occupy Boston: 'We're here indefinitely'" (NECN)

10-3-11 'Occupy Boston' protesters march peacefully through downtown Boston (Boston Globe)

10-3-11 "Occupy Boston makes an official press release" (Examiner.com)

10-3-11 "Occupy Boston Takes Over Dewey Square" (Boston.com)

10-3-11 "It started with 12 students in Wall Street ... now demonstrations spread across America as Boston, Chicage, L.A., Denver and Seattle erupt" (Daily Mail UK)

10-3-11 "Boston: Occupied By Protests" (The Bostonist)

10-3-11 "Protesters taking over Boston" (Myfoxboston.com)

10-3-11 "Protesters 'Occupy Boston' to Highlight Economy Woes" (WCVB TV)

10-1-11 Protesters Occupy Boston to Highlight Economy Woes (BostonChannel.com)

10-3-11 "Occupy Boston Takes Over Dewey Square" (Boston.com)

10-3-11 "Occupy Boston targets elites" (Boston Herald)

10-2-11 "Occupy Boston: Goals" (Examiner.com)

10-2-11 "Taking on the banks, one 'brat' at a time (Boston Herald)

10-1-11 "Occupy Wallstreet has spread to Boston" (Examiner.com)

10-1-11 "Wall Street Protesters Camp Outside South Station" (WBUR.org)

10-1-11 "Wall Street protests spread to other cities" (Aljazeera)

10-1-11 Occupy Boston Protest (WCVB channel 5)

9-30-11 "Crowds gather in Boston to protest Bank of America" (WHDH Channel 7)

9-30-11 "Occupy Boston: Live coverage of the protest" (Metro)

9-30-11 "Occupy Boston" (Forbes)

9-30-11 "Fight the Power Friday Is Upon Us: the final hours leading up to MAJOR Bank of America protest and #OccupyBoston" (The Pheonix)

9-30-11 "Occupy Boston gathers crowd, pushes for grassroots social change" (Tufts Daily)

9-29-11 "Photos: Occupy Boston plans financial district take-over" (The Pheonix)

9-28-11 "It's only day two, and there's no occupation yet, but the whole country's watching #OccupyBoston" (The Pheonix)

9-28-11 "Occupy Boston protests economic inequality" (The Daily Free Press)

9-28-11 "Occupy Boston: smart, savvy, and aiming to emulate Wall Street protests" (gaurdian.co.uk)

9-28-11 'Occupy Boston' picks a protest plot, spot to rally (Metro)

9-28-11 "Occupy Yes, we got that, but why?" (Boston.com)

9-27-11 "Wall Street protests come to Boston" (WHDH channel 7)


9-30-11 Noam Chomsky on Occup Boston

9-28-11 Occupy Boston video from a mortgage industry professional

9-27-11 Occupy Boston aims to emulate Wall Street protests (the Guardian)

9-27-11 "Occupy Boston Organisers adress the crowd" (uploaded by the Guardian)

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