"A word in earnest is as good as a speech"
~Charles Dickens: Bleak House

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year .... what are your resolutions?

It is now midnight! A new year has begun. My days of going out and drinking myself senseless with my friends have long since past and this evening I altered between watching the Walking Dead marathon and cooking for dinner with friends tomorrow. But now it is 12:01 am and it is officially time for the best New Year tradition .... the resolutions!

I am not sure why I go through this process every year. I never keep them, and by February I feel like a failure. But here I am doing it again.

  1. I will not procrastinate! It is probably my worst habit. I am full of good intentions but in the end I work better under stress and I do things last minute (seeing as I started this post on New Year's Eve and have still not posed it, I am not sure this resolution is going to work for me this year).
  2. I will quit smoking!!!! I want to purchase a new car. I am hoping that if I start putting the money I save from smoking less away for the car I will have a better chance of quitting. I decided that I will not focus only on the fact that it is bad for me. I have been smoking since I was 14 years old and have known for the past 24 years that it is bad for me and obviously that hasn't changed my mind. Maybe a monetary reward will. Since New Year's I have not smoked more that 10 cigarettes a day. In February I will cut that down and then in March cut it down again and so on, until I quit.
  3. I will listen more than I speak. I am outspoken. I need to remember that not everyone wants my opinion when they tell me something. I know this because most of the time I don't want people's opinions when I tell them things. I need to remember that the best friends, spouses, and parents are better listeners than they are speakers.
  4. I will stop trying to be superwoman!!! Logically I know that the more I try and do, the more tired I will be and the less I will accomplish. For the past five years I have tried to do everything I did before I had lupus. I basically try and forget I am sick. I want my youngest son to have the same mom my oldest son has. That just isn't possible and it is about time that I realize it. That does not mean I am giving in .... it means I am becoming realistic.
  5. I am going to go to the gym! I don't understand why this is such a problem for me. I fully admit that I feel better when I go to the gym. I have more energy, I eat less, I don't need as much pain medication, I can focus better ..... and yet if there is something I need to give up I give up the gym. Can someone explain this to me please.
  6. I will find my creativity again! When we purchased our house I lost my craft room. All my supplies are still in the basement waiting for a home. I will organize the guest room so that it can be a multi use room, guest room, office & craft space! And I will create!

So that is it!
Tomorrow starts a new week and I have done some organizing so that a few of my resolutions will be worked on. I got a Nook for Christmas and there are several apps I have been looking into that will help me to organize and live better. It is time I start using technology for more than my job!

Here is to a fabulous new year!!!!

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