"A word in earnest is as good as a speech"
~Charles Dickens: Bleak House

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Livin' the Dream

Tomorrow is Easter for the majority of the Christian community and for that I say Happy Easter. I am Greek Orthodox and go by a different calender so this year Easter is not until May 5th.

Growing up I always had two Easters. Tomorrow is what my Yia-Yia would call "American Easter" (which I never understood since it is celebrated all over the world). American Easter consisted of brightly colored eggs and the Easter Bunny. I have continued that tradition. Once this blog is done we will be coloring eggs and preparing for the big basket that will make the six-year-old smile come morning.
Greek Easter was all about the resurrection of Christ (I will write a blog about those traditions a little later).
But my blog today is about livin' the American dream. Sometimes you lose sight of what that dream is all about. But today is one of those days where it is apparent. We are by no stretch of the imagination wealthy. Every month it is a guessing game as to whether or not all the bills will get paid and it is a balancing act of what we can do ... and what we can do without. Having said that we are fortunate.
First - it is a beautiful spring day here! And after what seemed like an endless winter this would have been enough to make me smile - but it got better!
Got up this morning and felt good (another thing that is always a guessing game). Went and did a little shopping for the arrival of the Easter bunny. Came home and started cleaning out all the winter from the front yard. Cleaned out the strawberry patch, put up the new bird feeder, cleaned out the leaves from under the porch.
My husband was cleaning up the back yard. Getting ready for the upcoming house repairs (our house is over 100 years old and was "repaired" by someone who should not have been allowed to fix things so there are always repairs). Our house is "that house" on the street. The goal for the spring is to get siding done and some new windows so our house will be all one color (now it is three - the original color, primer and some unprimed shingles). But we have big plans for a lovely English cottage in the middle of the street.
The six-year-old was in the side yard with his scooter and his dog. Then we went for a walk to the park with the dog. Now back at home - the boys are playing on the computer, I am writing a blog and then we will color eggs.
This is livin' the dream! Not having the biggest house, not having the newest phone or the most luxurious car. It is about being happy with what you have and enjoying a beautiful day.
So happy spring everyone - live your dream .... whatever that may be.

This year we decided to use the Wilton technique for coloring eggs. Not bad!

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  1. Inspiring, Leann, and a well timed reminder to everyone on the planet - I hope that you enjoyed the rest of your Easter.