"A word in earnest is as good as a speech"
~Charles Dickens: Bleak House

Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Disappointment with Harry Potter!!!

I have been a Harry Potter fan since the beginning!

I started reading the series to my son when I first heard they were making the movies. I wanted him to learn the lesson that the book is always better! I would read him a chapter before he went to bed .... and then I would stay up reading because I loved the stories. We would go to the midnight book parties, my son dressed in his Harry best with an eyeliner lightning bolt on his forehead. I ordered toys online from England because they were not released in America. We talked about the books and waited patiently for the movies.

I let him skip school the day the first movie came out. We sat down in the darkened theatre waiting! And he was all excited when he realised I had been pronouncing Hermoine incorrectly the entire time I had been reading. But by the end of the movie I realised my lesson had paid off .... the movie was no where near as good as the books! The whole ride home I had to explain to a very disappointed Harry Potter fan that we should just watch the movies as movies and not compare it to the book ... because it was a good movie.

So we continued our Harry Potter adventure. We went to another couple midnight book sales (we never stayed up that late to see a movie, but always went the day it opened). But then he did not want to see the last two movies. He did not want to ruin the books that had become an important part of his life!

I on the other hand have watched every movie as if it was its own story, forgetting about the details they left out and the things I would have done differently. Until The Deathly Hallows Part I. It was the closest to the book that any Harry Potter movie had been. I was disillusioned to think that since they were cutting it into 2 movies, they could continue with that. And then I read that this was the shortest Harry Potter movie and I was confused .... didn't they split it into two movies so that they could cover the entire story. Oh wait I forgot ... they split it into two movies so they could continue the franchise and make more money. Silly me!

I was not impressed with the last Harry Potter movie. It is my own fault for expecting too much, for expecting that the pictures on the big screen could in any way compete with the pictures of epic battle I had in my own head. I like my imagination better than those is Hollywood! When it comes out on DVD I will have a Harry Potter weekend and watch them all just as movies without thinking about the books, because they are good movies.... and then I will go back and read all the books, because that is the way it will end for me,as it began, with the books and my own world of Harry Potter!

On the upside, something that really made me giggle. My husband is a fan of True Blood and as I am sitting here watching it with him I notice that Fiona Shaw (AKA Petunia Dursley) is playing a witch! How ironic is that!

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  1. I love Harry Potter too, but have purposely been waiting on reading the books so the movies won't seem lame by comparison, lol.