"A word in earnest is as good as a speech"
~Charles Dickens: Bleak House

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

30 Interesting Things About Me .......

REALLY!!! I don't know if you have read any of my previous blogs, but my life is kind of boring. I am settled. I think I will have to go to the way back machine to come up with things that are interesting.

  1. My husband and I dated in high school. He asked me to marry him before he left for the military and I said no. 22 years later we are living the dream!
  2. I worked at Victoria's Secret for 3 hours.
  3. I was a short-order cook at the age of 14.
  4. I won the International Collegiate Lincoln-Douglas Debate Tournament held in Portugal.
  5. I eat Nutella out of the jar - I actually think I may need detox and a support group.
  6. My favorite color is purple, it has been all my life. My birthstone is an Amethyst so that works out well. My favorite place to go as a kid was a store in Fanual Hall, Boston called the Purple Store. All the office supplies on my desk at work are purple - down to my white board markers for class.
  7. I love to cook - some nights my family is happy with this .... sometimes not so much. I hate recipes (I like collecting them but hate following them), I kind of read them then do my own thing. Someday I would love to open my own Greek Restaurant.
  8. I can't belive I am only at #8! This is kind of ridiculous!
  9. I love carnival glass - I prowl yard sales and flea markets looking for it. My husband is going to have to build me a special cabinet to diplay it.
  10. I dropped out of high school my second Jr. year. I went on to complete an MSCJ as an adult.
  11. I am a Gleek! I got tickets to see Glee Live for my birthday and I am planning on going to the movie this month just to see if I can see myself in the audience.
  12. I can't wait for Fear Factor to come back on TV.
  13. The beach is my favorite place to be. Not sun bathing or stuff like that, but just sitting and listening to waves and smelling the ocean. It is my happy place and relaxes me.
  14. If you count OTC, perscriptions & vitamins I take 18 pills everyday to help me function.
  15. I am halfway through this list!
  16. While in the hospital being diagnosed with Lupus Nephritis I watched episodes of "House" on my portable DVD player. The nurses thought I was crazy.
  17. When I was pregnant with my youngest son the only thing I could eat without being sick was Lobster Bisque Soup from Legal Seafood.
  18. I can't ride the Teacup ride at amusement parks .... I turn green and throw up.
  19. I have a completly irrational fear of driving on the highway. If at all possible I take back roads to get to where I am going. I have found a lot of cool stuff that way.
  20. I love Halloween. It is my favorite holiday, even more than Christmas.
  21. I am still best friends with my best friends from High School.
  22. I drink approximately 5 coffees a day! Dunkin' Donuts loves me and I hope Fidelity invested some of my retirement with Dunkin Donuts .... that way every time I purchase a coffee I am investing in my retirement!
  23. I can't fall asleep without the TV on. Our electric bill when down when we purchased a television with a sleep timer.
  24. I collect too many things .... wooden boxes, Precious Moments, miniature teasets, teapots, glass jars, beads, carnival glass, anything old and cool looking!
  25. I love taking picture of nature. It drives my family crazy when we go camping or on vacation or apple picking. I stop every few minutes to take pictures of a cool leaf or tree or flower. I am always trying to get really cool pictures of the ocean.
  26. I love Masterpiece Theatre and British Television.
  27. When I was pregnant with my first child I was told walking was good exercise when you are pregnant. So I would walk a mile everynight to Dairy Queen and eat a banana split before walking home.
  28. I can't balance a checkbook. I was the reason Online banking was created - so I can check my balance everyday! It is the only thing that keeps me from being overdrawn on a regular basis.
  29. I would rather go out and buy new clothes than do laundry! I only shop the clearance rack and refuse to pay full-price for my clothes. One of my most recent scores was a skirt and sweater from Calvin Klein - original price for both $164.00. I paid $27.00. What does that tell you about the mark-up?
  30. My head hurts from thinking of this list!
Yah me - I did it! Hope you are not too bored! This whole 30-day blog thing is a good distraction from the scary things going on in the Government. I was so upset this morning I turned off NPR and drove to work in silence. Hopefully tomorrow will be brighter!


  1. not boring at all!!!!

    but i have to ask - did you want "house" as your doctor or not?

  2. What a splendid list, Leann, but take care with the Nutella, the Dunkin Donuts and the number of coffees each day!

  3. LOL! No, I did not want "House" as my doctor. I was really into the show at the time and the nurses thought I was crazy that I brought those DVDs to the hospital. When I was finally diagnosed I was in shock! I looked at my rhumatologist and said "but House says its never lupus." We both laughed and then moved on to treatment. I just think a sense of humor and being able to laugh at yourself is the best medicine sometimes. :)

  4. Thank you Tony,
    Many years ago I worked in a battered woman's shelter as an advocate. I attempted to stop drinking coffee, not because it was unhealthy but because it was getting too expensive on an advocate's salary. After about a week the residents came to my office and told me they would pool their money together and pay for my coffee habit.

  5. Yay you! I've been having trouble just keeping up with a blog a day this week as my new class just started, lol. Getting back in the swing of things tho. Great job!