"A word in earnest is as good as a speech"
~Charles Dickens: Bleak House

Thursday, August 11, 2011

My first memory & favorite blogs ........

My first memory is very vivid. I don't actually know how old I was, but it had to be before I was three because my parents were still living together. We lived in a 2nd floor apartment. I remember it being big - but that could have just been because I was small. I remember my bedroom was off my parent's bedroom and I have a big bay window with a bench you could sit on.

The memory is actually partially a dream about a huge spider. I remember I thought it was at the foot of my bed trying to get me and I screamed. My father came into my room - but I only remember him as a silhouette. He came and got the spider and took it out of my room and put me back to bed. Now I am pretty sure there was not really a huge spider (I mean huge - like Aragog in Harry Potter) and I can't be 100% sure that the whole thing was not a dream. But I remember it. I have very few memories of my father and this is one I hold dear to my heart!

Since I skipped the blog yesterday I shall answer the next question as well. As you know, I am new to the whole blog thing, but I have found a few that I read quite often (well, whenever they post):
Coffee With Cheryl: Cheryl is actually my blog guru! She has taught me all I know (Thanks)
Home Thoughts: Tony is my pen pal from England! Having read my previous blogs you will know what a thrill that is for me!
Mark's Space: Mark writes about writing and has a pretty cool view of things!
Herstory - Poderings, Passions & Politics: The Wizewoman keeps me honest and in touch with my feminism! She reminds me to always be true to me!
The Katherine Wheel: I just started following this one. I just love the way she writes and her outlook on parenting with humor!
Honest to Blog: Sam introduced me to the 30-day blog! And it really has been fun!

So I thought that would be it for today. But Mark shared a video on his blog today that I think should go viral. It is about pride in the face of pain. This man is an incredible spirit and I think everyone should celebrate him and his child!



  1. tariq jahan is truly magnanimous - a very humbling video...

    thank you for your words - but wize - not very often - feel old and battle-weary sometimes! i was inspired to blog a lot more often when i first started - but after a few years, and doing more computer focussed work, you could say my senses have been dulled a tad...

    your posts are a wonderful interlude in my day though... everything you write tells me something more about the person you are...

  2. Leann,

    Thank you for your kind comment and the little commercial re. my blog!

    However, more importantly I must congratulate you! - despite living far across the pond you really do have your finger in the English "pulse". Your comments re Tariq Jahan are absolutely correct - indeed, I was going to use it as a focus for a future blog. In his wisdom and graciousness Tariq Jahan made infinitely more sense then many others - including politicians - who have appeared on our screens.

    In this morning's Guardian there are a number of references to the gentleman in question and one letter in particular from man (Nur-ul-Ain Qureshi)who lives in Islamabad and which I think echoes what many think and I would certainly support. I copy a brief extract from the letter in question below:

    "We Muslims normally pray for sabr-e-jameel (the highest degree of patience) for the relatives of the deceased, but Tariq Jahan already has it. I am not familiar with the medal system of the UK. But this amazing guy, who played his part in establishing peace during the riots, preaching restraint and tolerance even after losing a son, deserves to be knighted".

    Have a good day Leann.

  3. Thanks for the blog plug! :-) I'm actually looking for ideas for a "how-to" post, so if you have any suggestions or things you need help with or aren't sure about, let me know, and I'll throw together a post.